Can anyone suggest me the best alternative to Eventbrite?

I am looking for the best alternative of Eventbrite.
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    Events, from Facebook

    Find things to do near you

    Gary Fung
    Gary FungFounder of isoHunt & WonderSwipe · Written
    Convenience. There's no point to Eventbrite anymore, when they neither have Facebook's user or well designed invitation flow.
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    Lorenzo Fiori
    Lorenzo FioriMarketing&SM Manager at Nanosystems · Written
    The way you can integrate it with your social activity is amazing
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    Used Townscript for TEDxMIT Pune. Love the UX. Simple event creation!
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    After trying many options available, I started using Townscript in 2013 for trainings. The ease of managing with the super simple dashboard both on web & super beautiful event app on iOS made me stick to them for last 5+ years.
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    It is simple to use and have an amazing on-boarding support.
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    Simple, powerful event software.

    Des Traynor
    Des TraynorCo-founder Intercom · Written
    Tito is a fantastic product, we've used it at Intercom for about 4 years to run events ranging from office meetups to world tours
    Tito has been around a while and is a really simple and easy to use product.
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    A powerful registration platform for event organizers.

    Yuriy Smirnov
    Yuriy SmirnovCo-founder, Fundraise Up · Written
    Just good
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    Ticket Tailor

    Start selling tickets in minutes

    Jonny White made this product
    Easy to use, no ticket fees, great customer support and you get paid directly to your own PayPal or Stripe account.
    Yes, Ticket Tailor it is! Great customer service as well.
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    Easily create forms as beautiful as you

    Dean McPherson
    Dean McPhersonFounder of Paperform · Written
    Dean McPherson made this product
    Paperform is a great choice if you want a straight forward solution to create a beautiful landing page that can take payments and capture more complex event registration information at the same time. Checkout the templates for inspiration ->
    Jack Fields
    Jack FieldsSenior Python developer · Written
    I really like Paperform as an alternative - you're able to customize your landing page way more, no coding required. Great for promoting events.
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    Sell tickets online. Less fees, more transparency.

    Sul · Written
    Tikly offers a cheaper, more respectful service fee structure than eventbrite. They don't sell or re-sell buyer contact information like Eventbrite
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    Create the perfect event site

    Corey Haines
    Corey HainesFounder of Swipe Files & SwipeWell · Written
    I've used Splash for multiple events and companies. Super easy to use and intuitive page builder. Easy to manage tickets and payments. If you don't need any of the project management stuff and just need a page builder and ticket handling, Splash is your best bet! Oh and they're free :)
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    Santosh Panda
    Santosh PandaWeb3 Launcher🚀 @FoundershipHQ · Written
    Check - Much simpler and just $0.99 per reg/ticket. Attach your Paypal/Stripe and take money directly into your account. Handles all types of reg flow (RSVP, Public, Invitation only), design your event page with themes (add pages), link your AWS SES account and send your own 'From email id' and more. Crete and account and see the fresh approach to event ticketing and management. In Business Since 2008. Customers worldwide. Here is a detailed comparison we wrote last week:
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    All Events in City
    It is a cost-effective event discovery platform that allows one to create unlimited events. Also, it's simple to find a number of interesting events from various categories across the world.
    Reminds me by email really nicely and has good options.
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    Vivus Spike Report

    A tool to help reduce drink spiking

    Perfect if you are trying to earn more from your event via tickets and sponsorship. Here's a quick guide to get you started:
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    Tame 1.0

    A beautiful all-in-one planning tool for modern event teams

    Jasenko Hadzic
    Jasenko HadzicCEO & Co-founder, Tame · Written
    Jasenko Hadzic made this product
    Tame is built for event teams. Its a complete project management tool solely built for event team teams to streamline all their files, notes, contacts and communication in one place. It also has its own ticketing features, it's free and incredibly userfriendly! Disclosure: We are former event managers who were tired of spreadsheets, so we decided to build our own solution: Tame.
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    Deanna See
    Deanna SeeMad about Science, Sci-Fi and Tech! · Written
    I like it because it's user-friendly and sends relevant recommendations from time to time.
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    Meetup for iOS and Android

    Discover groups that are all about the things you love

    Matthew Howells-Barby
    Matthew Howells-BarbyVP Marketing @ HubSpot · Written
    I use Meetup WAY more than Eventbrite.
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    THINK thenlive

    Location-based social media

    Chandni Mistry
    Chandni MistryPersonal Assistant, THINK thenlive · Written
    They have a cool events feature where you can create connected events all over the world and view the analytics for them in one place. Plus, you can integrate social with your events directly from the app. It's easy to use and has a lot of other great features too!
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    Free, open-source ticket selling & event management platform

    Sam Bell
    Sam BellFounder, ChartBlocks · Written
    If you don't installing and running your own software then Attendize is a great open source option
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    A platform for invitations to private and public events.

    Simon Schultz
    Simon SchultzBuilding · Written
    Simon Schultz made this product
    Hi Rajan, I am the maker of Stuff. So sure would recommend it. It is a platform for invitations to private and public events. Should be a pretty good alternative to Eventbrite.
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    Virtual Venue by Mixily

    Host custom video gatherings right in your website

    Alexandra Ballensweig
    Alexandra BallensweigProduct and Design @ Mixily · Written
    Mixily is a simple to use event hosting platform that makes it easy to create and share casual events. Invitees can RSVP without a login or an account.