What is the best tool to share knowledge inside an organization?

I'm looking for a platform/software to share useful learning content (files,videos, links and etc.) with groups of my employees and initiate discussion around the shared material.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Rostane GribiFetching for news and seeking the best ! · Written
    Zenkit is a great knowledge sharing tool. Not only are you able to use it as a repository for the organizations collective knowledge, but you can also work with the data in a way that helps teams achieve their goals. Using whatever tool you is best as an individual, to complete the tasks for your team.
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    Organizational Knowledge Sharing Platform

    Ehsan MemariMarketing Director · Edited
    Ehsan Memari made this product
    BoostHQ is the leading knowledge sharing platform, that helps organizations share, centralize and discuss internal knowledge. BoostHQ features include Knowledge sharing, Content organization, Comment/ discussion on content, Reports and analytics. The platform comes with a 14-day FREE trial. I highly recommend giving it a try.
  3. GoretopusGoogle Hack Expert · Written
    Great product, easy to maintain, integration with jira, LDAP, ...
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    The note app for teams

    Thomas DIDIER6Marketing, Forest Admin 🌲 · Written
    Great product. Super easy to organize all your team's content and collaborate on it. Don't hesitate to contact @laure_albouy if you need further information.