Antonio BustamanteCofounder at Silo. Designer, Engineer.

What's the most interesting / weirdest app / software you've used recently?

Have you used any apps recently that were well made (or not) and had interesting details that caught you off guard (for good or for bad), unexpected or esoteric UX, or that made you think?
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    Suggests the best way to communicate with people over email

    Sabra RubinsteinMarketing Program Manager · Edited
    This email app gives you tips and suggestions for speaking to clients, prospects, or really whoever, based on their DISC personality. I think the concept is really unique, and the suggestions that it gave me really fit my co-workers personalities. Definitely, check it out if you haven't already. It was posted on product hunt 2 years ago, but it looks like it's evolved since then.
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    It's just better than you think!

    You can turn your life around. This is how!

    MuU know who I am ? · Written
    help you to use your computer healthily and productively, by reminding you to take a rest every once and a while, in a simple way.
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    Shows with Music, from Anchor & Spotify

    Combine your talk segments with music and share to Spotify.

    Brandon ElwoodOwner, AppJester · Written
    It's been awhile since I first tried this, but your question brought Anchor to mind. It's just a very unique and refreshing social platform.