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What is your favorite productivity management/ task schedule tool?

I'm looking to learn more about productivity management tools. I'm mainly looking for the highlights and shortcomings, (but mainly shortcomings) of these tools.
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    Beautiful team chat with tightly integrated task management

    James Welch5CEO @ · Written
    I recently tried over eighty (yes,80+) project/task managers suitable for small businesses, and this one became the chosen app we now use (team of 7). It was a close thing between Flow and ProofHub, but the timeline view of Flow was the thing that swung us to using it. It could have been either piece of software, but Flow just won. Good things: Repeating tasks Integration with Slack Timelines Bad things: Printing - cant really print anything that looks good.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Jessi Lu6Change the future. · Written
    It´s a project management tool for collaboration, task management, database building and more. It has a clean UI but if you need more features you need just one click, Good: - It´s developed by a German company (GDPR compliance;) ) - You can use different views and switch whenever you want - clean and modern UI (easy to use) - Zapier Integrations - Available on every Device (Desktop, Web and Mobile) Bad: - No Gantt Chart - Just CSV export
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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Matt HarneyWork @APPEALIE · Written
    I personally prefer Asana - appreciate ability to have work projects along with personal projects on one platform. Also appreciate their roll-out of Trello like boards and depth of integrations. ToDoIst can also be very good for organizing a mix of personal / work / social projects - like any "best tool" question, it depends on how much you use it and fits your own needs. Disclosure: this is my own opinion, although Asana was a winner of an APPEALIE SaaS Award which I am affiliated with: