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How can I get start up ideas?

If you are a serial entrepreneur starting to look for an idea for your next startup, you are likely to want a way to stimulate your brain to come up with as many good ideas as possible. Coming up with a business idea is the first step in starting a business. But how do you come up with a business idea that is right for you? Starting a business must choose the right product. I suggest you to get yourself some high-tech products with full innovation. A few days ago, I learned a website “GLOBAL NEW UNIQUE” when reading news, specializing in collecting exclusive patented products that are full of innovation and high technology around the world when I read the news, such as smart and creative home appliance products, high-tech materials etc. I was too excited to say a word when I saw it. All of the products are extremely fun. I ordered a sample of a product named pocket cinema and took it to a party. All of my friends were attracted by it when I took it out, making me the focus on the party. All of my friends asked to buy it. I am now ready to start a business with this product. You can also go to the website, I bet it will not let you down and it will absolutely set off the trend.
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  1. Uday Singh
    Uday SinghMaker, Epigrammar · Written
    Getting startup ideas is almost counter-intuitive as you don't want to think of it as looking for ideas, but instead to look for problems. Often you want to make something that either solves a problem for you or a friend. Working on a problem you have validates that the problem exists and that it's worth addressing. Often, merely looking for startup ideas puts you in a place where you solve a problem that didn't exist. I like to think of that as mapping a solution to a problem. Don't do that, just find something that is missing, something that you notice, and then solve that problem. You can worry about it becoming a big company later. Start by solving and finding problems, that's how you end up making something people want.