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What is your favorite note taking app?

=== Evernote === Evernote is one of the oldest note-taking application but provides the most functional experience with heaps of powerful features. It’s free and available on almost all devices. Download: http://evernote.grsm.io/Sandipan...
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    Uday Singh
    Uday SinghMaker, Epihub/Epigrammar · Written
    I can hack it and build the perfect note-taking experience for me with the shortcuts and features I want while cutting out things that feel extraneous. If I'm writing software, I have proper syntax highlighting/linting, and if I'm writing notes, it will turn on my spellchecker.
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    MixNote NotePad Notes
    MixNote is a mobile note taking app, like a memo pad or notepad. Take note of every deserved thing, with text, ToDo, voice and picture. You can take notes, write memos, create to-do list, record voice and add pictures in MixNote. Make your notes more varied and interesting. Capture ideas Take notes with words, pictures or record a voice memo in any time and place. Capture ideas is so simple. When you come up with a plan, record it by words or voice. If you want to take note when calling, shake the phone to start recording your voice. No need to find pen and paper. All notes are auto-saved. Share ideas Create notes about recipes, take pictures of sceneries, write down feelings and share your memo via SMS, Facebook or emails, etc. Local backup and cloud sync MixNote has local backup and cloud sync. So you don’t need to worry data loss and can view notes in different devices. Reminder Create a to-do list. You can put it on the home screen to be a reminder. Just long press on the home screen and add widget. Organize and search Customized tags help you organize all notes. You can search memo quickly by the tags. Or use search bar to input a keyword and search.
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    OneNote Clipper 2.0

    Now with intelligent article, recipe and product clipping

    Does everything that I might need for a Note taking app. I agree it has some bloat and could be a game changer with a complete design overhaul but still a great alternative.