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What's the best WordPress host?

Looking for a smart host with great customer support who can migrate a blog and offer plans on tight budget.
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    Simple, scalable cloud computing platform

    Baruch YochaiHelp ponies to be next unicorns!🤘 · Written
    You can use this hosting they have a great documentation
    Thien NguyenFull-Stack Developer · Written
    I'm using Digital Ocean and must say that it's really good hosting I've ever tried
    Nik SudanGames & Systems Developer · Written
    Digital Ocean is a great pick for WordPress sites and more due to their insanely fast droplet creator. Simply pick that you're creating a WP site and bam - it's done. Besides from that, you can also setup droplets in any way, so you have full control over the file base and such.
  2. jerod mooreCo-Founder goKittr & Coffee hunter · Written
    WPEngine is about the gold standard here, and they have a very good migration plugin in the wordpress store. "Tight budget" doesnt really define a dollar amount. If you can afford them, use them. If you are talking under 20/mo, I used hawkhost before when I didnt have the time to move accounts around. They are about the only one I can think of in the "cheap, but good customer service" category. Im not sure if they still migrate accounts, if you are on cpanel, then prolly.
    Mason WearCo-Founder // Primer Co · Written
    WP Engine is the only way to go.
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    Beautifully simple WordPress hosting

    Fletcher RichmanCEO, Halp (Acquired by Atlassian) · Written
    Flywheel is a great no hassle WP host. Nice middle ground between the super cheap and WP Engine.
  4. I'm using siteground now and their customer service is incredible. It's chat based with no wait time. I'm a beginner and have chatted with them for hours and they don't mind. They will also proactively take steps to optimize your site, walk you through exactly what changes they made, recommend products and explain why....I could go on and on. Definitely recommend
  5. F(x) Data CloudCost-competitive Cloud Hosting Services · Written
    F(x) Data Cloud made this product
    You can easily manage the website with high traffic and it provides the cheapest plans starting at $1.99/Month. Besides that you get the appreciable Technical support
    JoshiWorld towards Cloud Computing! · Written
    In short description, Its the Cheapest,Simple and Reliable
  6. Super cheap and great support. Love namecheap.
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    A managed cloud hosting platform for developers & designers

    Ross RojekCTO,, · Written
    Use this for a number of sites. You can pick your actual host (I use digital ocean), and spin up (or down) a new server any time. Cloudways makes it easy to manage digital ocean without needing to know command line. Online support is great launching a new site is dead simple.
  8. Marcus VlahovicCo-founder & CEO, Sustainabody · Written
    Hosting w/ cpanel & softaculous (unlimited bandwidth, emails, etc), easy to install Wordpress on it and get up and running. $5 / mo, +$1 / mo for a dedicated IP. Use code "1cent" to pay $0.01 for your first month! Also, they have VPN's and dedicated servers at remarkably low prices.
  9. Abidemi SanusiAbidemi Sanusi, writer, founder · Written
    I've been using them for a few years now. Great customer service and documentation.
  10. Anthony FreemanWordPress Developer · Edited
    Simple, cheap and lots of features. It's around $5 per site for the base plan which is very affordable to me. They also don't have any restriction on the plans besides visitors and bill at the end of the month.
    Michael PetersonAvid WordPress supporter · Edited
    Our development agency have saved so much money and time moving a portion of our thousands of client WP sites to these guys for testing over the last month. Main feature we cared about was that they provide unlimited storage + bandwidth + ram + cpu! Only charge is for unique visitors, so if we host a clients site and it's popular it gets charged more, if its barely visited we don't get charged much. This removes the need we had to constantly scale up and down the sites for our clients so they have been an absolute huge money and time saver! Can't recommend enough.
  11. Conor CoyleDigital Content Specialist · Written
    Cloud With Me offers a super-simple onboarding solution for all the major providers, so you can get your site onto the cloud in minutes rather than wasting valuable hours and money doing it yourself or hiring developers.