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What are the best earbuds or headphones for training?

I'm looking for a new pair of earbuds or headphones to go to the gym but also use when I'm working. Wireless and sound cancellation would be optimal but I'm open to suggestions. I just need something comfortable that will not be ruined by sweat ;)
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    Apple AirPods

    Wireless earphones from Apple

    CODE K, Christian K.Beautiful. Simple. Apps. - by CODE K · Written
    The best ones I can really suggest everyone! Can‘t wait for the next generation... those are awesome in sound & feel. The most comfortable ones on an 12hours pitch day at the office ^^
    Rami DebabI write code and design stuff. · Written
    The only product i'm 100% satisfied with, they fit great in the ears, they don't fall out no matter what movements you do, they seem to resist sweat pretty damn good i wear them on a daily basis on commute, work, home, gym etc and the smart features like auto-pause or smart switch between L/R when on calls is fantastic. Plus the connexion is super solid, whether i'm using them with my iPhone, Apple Watch or Windows Laptop ! Advertised battery life is pretty accurate and the killer feature for me is the super fast charging due to their small battery. Only con to me is that there is no swipe gesture for volume control but i use the apple watch crown for that :) Overall , the best 160€ i've spent.
    +1. The best and most comfortable earphones I had (and I had a lot, including some that are described as 'hi-end').
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    Wireless earphones with 8 hour charge

    Super comfortable and pairs instantaneously. I use it every day at the gym, commuting to college, and in the library for up to several hours at a time.
    🌷ac🌷I collect and I create · Written
    They're convenient when I need to take them off, hang around my neck and not worry I'll misplace an earbud.
    Some people have problems with 'one size fits all' AirPods, especially while training. BeatsX are my second choice.
  3. Kunal BodkeDesign / Accessibility / Design Systems · Written
    Wonderful earbuds. Pairs almost instantly both with iPhones and Androids phones. Comes with a shirt clip or clips to have a perfect fit. Give them a try.
    GlennIndie Dev trying to make it all work · Written
    I definitely recommend these, they sound great. I use these for rock climbing and bouldering and they're fantastic. I wasn't a fan of the earpods because I was always afraid I'd lose one of them.
  4. Kevin FerretProduct Manager, AgilOne · Written
    I am using those now and it's a great combination of sweat-resistance, sound quality, and comfort. Battery life is debatable (imo, no wireless earphone is perfect in that aspect) but it's definitely enough for any sports activity (and I have headsets for anything else anyway).
    Ryan JacksonFounder @ Paid · Written
    Bose Soundsports have superior sound to all the others I have tried (airpods, beats, some off brands, etc). They are a bit more expensive but with the price. And the Bose customer service is amazing. They replaced mine and gave me extra clips for free. They are resilient to sweat and do a good job of blocking out sound.
    Mohib HassanCo Founder at Budsy · Written
    By a mile. You can now even share your music with someone who has another Bose soundsport via bluetooth!
  5. Marian Strätercraving for cool new products · Written
    Great deal! Well manufactured, cheap price and the sound is awesome considering the price.
  6. Beautiful sound & product makes them ideal to take everywhere. Noise canceling, overear design makes them ideal to focus on training materials.
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  7. Steven DiffeySenior Product Manager at Huge Inc · Written
    Light, durable, stable in your ear (due the adjustable length) and reasonably priced.
  8. Diego Jimenezdesigner & world explorer · Edited
    I bought, tested and returned a few wireless headphones (JLab Epic 2, Jaybird X3 and Apple Airpods) and the Powerbeats 3 are the ones I liked better for my concrete needs. I mainly use them for all kinds of sports (running, gym, crossfit) as well as for my daily commute. 👍 Pros: light, sweat & water resistant, charge in a heartbeat, never fall out my ears and the sound quality is pretty good. 👎 Cons: the noise isolation isn't perfect, but I personally like it that way so I can run with them hearing a bit of what's around me. The microphone isn't as good as other desk headphones. A really helpful resource for my research back then was The Wirecutter page for wireless headphones, take a look https://thewirecutter.com/review...
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  9. Kevin FerretProduct Manager, AgilOne · Written
    I am going to post that one too as a great value option. I used its predecessors (starting from PMX70, and bought the other models up until now) : it's very light and comfortable to me, incredible sound quality (I love the Sennheiser sound). They all resisted my sweating & mistreatment for several years (avg 3-4 years each) and it's pretty cheap for that value. It's unfortunately not wireless or noise-cancelling, but if listening to music (via a regular jack) is an option for you, at this price (on Amazon, not sure why Sennheiser has such a markup on it) it's something to consider. I actually still have and use the PMX685 (previous model) for activities where I am not taking my phone with me (the Bose Soundsport Wireless I recommended were a gift to me, otherwise I would still be using the PMX fulltime ;) ).
  10. janvtSoftware Engineer, randomly creative · Written
    Love these cheap, blue-toothed in-ears! Water resistant, hold well, stay out of the way. Use these for running, biking, hiking, commuting and all-day-every-day. Really tough and superb battery life for their size and weight.
  11. Reid BeelsCTO at The Dyrt · Written
    No sound cancellation — but that's kind of its crowning feature. Bone conduction keeps your ears open to the environment around you, so it's great for biking or gym activities where it's not safe to shut everything out.
  12. JodieVP Product & Growth @Notey · Written
    I recommend this for its all-rounded durability. The fact that it’s also reasonably priced, < 100 last I checked, also doesn't hurt. • Sweat-resistant and water resistant up to 3 feet 💦 Great for intense workout sessions and for when you want to rinse your earphones after • Coating also ensures the wires don't get tangled Besides being sweat-proof the coating makes this earphone seem less “delicate” than some Bluetooth options...so super handy when mindlessly tossing into your gym bag • Noise cancellation is a bit lacking, but... When exercising outdoors (I live in the city) it seems safe to hear some muted background noise. For work, I tend to just use a separate pair of earphones for work (Bose Noise Cancellation).