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What has worked for you when trying to monetise content?

On a Publisher site
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Moe Amaya@moeamaya · Designer—Developer
@leanux_bala Rob Hope wrote an incredibly in-depth article about the 20 various ways he tried to monetize One Page Love:
Santosh Maharshi@santoshmaharshi · Startup consultant. Venture Partner
@leanux_bala @moeamaya Awesome advices by Rob.
Bala S.@leanux_bala · Find Traction For Your Startup.
@moeamaya Super. Thx for sharing.
दीपक फिआलोक@deepakfialok · Product Manager at SOTI
@leanux_bala @moeamaya Thanks for the article Moe
Jonathan Bentz@jonathanbentz · Creator of Leads, Sales, and Traffic
@leanux_bala to +1 @santoshmaharashi - yes, supplying advertisers with content opportunities in the form of native advertising/sponsored guest posts can work - I did this for years with a multi-blog venture in the sports gaming niche. One thing you can also consider is a small fee for a collection of your content, or an eBook - the key to that is to make the content more valuable than the content you are currently giving away for free. For example, if you publish a ranking list of any topic (ie the top 100 players in a fantasy sports game), give a portion of the ranking away for free (top 100), but the full version away for a premium (for the full 500, paypal us $10!). Hope this helps.
Fruzsi Peti@fruzsipt · Online Marketer @Intellyo
@leanux_bala quality content and SEO! it improves your entire marketing even your PPC ROI. I think this is also an interesting article about it, but Intellyo's upcoming tool is definitely worth checking out as well
Bala S.@leanux_bala · Find Traction For Your Startup.
@fruzsipt Thx / will check out the tool / blog. SEO definitely is one one key area.
Fruzsi Peti@fruzsipt · Online Marketer @Intellyo
@leanux_bala awesome! Feel free to contact me if you need some help! :)
Bala S.@leanux_bala · Find Traction For Your Startup.
@fruzsipt Super! will do. Thx
Krishna Rg@krishnarg22 · Product Marketer
@leanux_bala Hey, Engagement is a key metric when it comes to content. Better the article, higher the engagement and more will the shares. I would like you to checkout our tool - Social Animal is a state-of-the-art content research product. Utilizing natural language processing and machine learning techniques, Social Animal peers into what makes good content tick. It doesn’t stop there, though. Social Animal’s core use cases are: > Content Research ( See article keywords, compare top performing articles, analyze article titles and get article shares across social networks ) > Content Insights ( Optimal title length to use, Optimal content length, Optimal day to publish and 6-month content performance history for any keyword or domain ) > Influencer Research ( Find real influencers, Twitter users and authors and see articles shared by influencers ) > Idea Generator ( See secondary keywords used in articles for any given keyword, real-world topics that connect to any keyword, uncover unforeseen connections/topics and get almost unlimited ideas for a given keyword ) P.S: We would love to hear your thought on the tool.
Santosh Maharshi@santoshmaharshi · Startup consultant. Venture Partner
@leanux_bala Worked with various publishers - advertorials, specials, sponsors was the answer for them. A good content calendar and reaching out to advertisers will help and not having them control will actually help the business. Depending on area of content -Over the years I have seen good success for Kottke, Neil Patel, Uncrake, The Wire Cutter and many others.
Bala S.@leanux_bala · Find Traction For Your Startup.
@santoshmaharshi Thx for the insight. much appreciate it.
saybasic promotional@saybasic · Promotional Consultant, SayBasic
@leanux_bala i just do an SEO work and it has proven to be effective and it captures leads. I've work as a promotional consultant
Roman Onischuk@roman_onischuk · responsible, purposeful, punctual
@leanux_bala Goog link building strategy
Janett Shields@eager_bear · financial analyst
You can use content marketing (to attract people to your main site) and content optimization (optimization of texts on the website in accordance with the chosen keyword phrases). But it is important to remember that only the appropriate preparation of the website and the optimization of key phrases located on all subpages can bring the expected results. See more here
Priyanka Nathani@priyankaj47 · Digital Marketing Director, Trendbrew
@leanux_bala Hi Bala, TrendBrew is a social influence platform that allows influencers to create their own marketplace with products they advocate and the content they create. Check it out. It's really easy to use and no hassle of affiliations. You can instantly make all your content shoppable!
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