Robert ByeProduct Manager at Figma

What product do you want to buy in the next few months?

A new Mac? New headphones? New Tesla? New drone? What are you in the market for?
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    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo's new console for the home and your hands 👾

    Robert ByeProduct Manager at Figma · Written
    Zelda. That is all.
    Maxim AnanovDistraction Dimmer • · Written
    I'm itching to buy it and I don't even want to play Zelda. I'm struggling to hold out at least until Mario is out.
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    Apple AirPods

    Wireless earphones from Apple

    Jack DweckSenior Product Manager at Rakuten · Written
    Waiting for them to become available.
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    iPad Pro

    The new iPad. 12.9", keyboard, pencil. A sight to be held.

    Lachlan CampbellNYU ‘23—Hack Club/Design+JS—they/them 🌈 · Written
    iPads are super flexible, and can work anywhere (unlike a laptop), and the iPad Pro has an amazing display and epic specs. I'm waiting for iPad Pro 2 since the first gen was released fall 2015.