Harrison KuglerEntrepreneur

What is your absolute favorite cryptocurrency tool or resource?

We all use CoinMarketCap and Coinbase, but I am wondering what YOUR favorite tool, service, or even product is in this space. Thanks in advance for taking your time to answer the question...
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    Effortlessly monitor & manage all your crypto in one place

    Robert Harrisfinancial adviser and crypto expert · Written
    This is the go-to app for tracking cryptocurrency holdings. Easy to use and very convenient.
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    Keep track of all your cryptocurrency & ICO investments.

    Great alternative to Blockfolio, with a better interface and pretty much the same features.
    Best app to track my portfolio with a beautiful interface, lots of cool features over competitors and a great team behind it!
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    Bitcoin Price

    Live charts + everything you need to know about crypto coins

    Catalin Zorzini made this product
    instant updates and super details analysis
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    Bitcoin Hero

    Bitcoin trading simulator with real-time prices

    Lauris DziļumsFounder at Datazenit · Written
    Lauris Dziļums made this product
    Learn cryptocurrency trading with this free Bitcoin trading simulator!
  5. For trading, I'd pick Binance with its really low exchange rates. :D
  6. Faye Ghunting for better solutions · Written
    Very clean and neat!Highly recommend CoinBox to cryptocurrency investors and traders, you can look at live prices and arbitrage opportunities for over 1600 coins across exchanges, also it supports auto-sync exchanges with APIs which is brilliant, I know it is something that some portfolio apps have, but CoinBox has made it more easier and neat
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    Crypto Central

    Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker 💸

    Vincent TellierCrypto Central maker · Written
    Vincent Tellier made this product
    Nice app! (Disclosure: I built it 😜)
    Hugo 😺Senior Product Designer · Written
    Love the auto-import from exchanges, really useful.
    A great app! Nicely designed, clear view of portforlio and values. The one to have to keep an eye on your coins!
  8. It's not free, but it works perfectly, is very customizable (even have different price sources for each coin) and you can also use it on your iPad.
    Matt GalliganEntrepreneur, designer, GIF enthusiast · Written
    $5 is well worth it. This app blows most of the competition out of the water.
  9. ElavenilFounder | Web Developer | SEO Marketer · Written
    Simple and more information. Live price, Price pumbs, and News alerts. All in one app!
  10. JonnyUX Designer · Written
    It puts your crypto investing on autopilot. Check it out.
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    Crypto Analyst

    Daily cryptocurrency news for better investment decisions 💰

    Nicolo SEx Founder/CEO - CryptoAnalyst.co · Written
    Nicolo S made this product
    CryptoAnalyst is the world's premier cryptocurrency news analysis site, bringing you all the headlines in crypto adoption, regulation, and much more. CryptoAnalyst releases at least one very high-quality article a day focusing on the most important headlines and delivering this news right to your inbox!
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    Stay up to date with the crypto markets you want to watch. 📈

    Giovanni CasinelliFounder CryptoJobs · Written
    Clean and minimalist interface ^^
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    The easiest place to buy and sell digital currency

    Dima AfoninFounder at Outmarketing · Written
    A very nice wallet for my crypto funds.
  14. It has realtime crypto tracking and is pretty easy on the eyes. You can build up to 3 altfolios and setup alerts for lows and highs.
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    All your crypto trades synchronized with no hassle

    willeehCTO, Andjoy · Written
    willeeh made this product
    Automatic API synchronization between multiple exchanges!
  16. Paul ShuteyevExperienced Digital Marketer · Written
    It has many ICO and crypto-related news and interviews in the ICO section.
  17. Like CoinMarketCap but cleaner.
  18. Cheap exchanges and you get a bunch of crypto when you hold Kucoin Shares!
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    Bitcoin Flip

    A crypto trading simulator for beginners

    Alīna KitnereDigital project manager · Written
    Here I always do my demo trading!
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    Buy and sell bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and iota with ease.

    For trading this one