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What is a minimalistic task manager app?

I'm looking for a to-do list app that integrates between my laptop and phone. A lot of the ones I've found just have too much going and I'm looking for something clean and simple. There's just something gratifying about clicking a "done" checkbox.
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    gunrack skeletorI place words in a dope order · Written
    Basic or in depth as you want it to be. Simple, easy to understand UI. Has a cool "Smart Schedule" feature that uses AI to figure out the best day/time for your task. Mac/Windows/Android/Linux/iOS/Web.
    Diego Jimenezdesigner & world explorer · Written
    Simple interface, powerful features, multi-platform, free.
    Nora ConradOwner of · Written
    I've tried a ton of alternatives but I always go back to this guy. It can be super simple with your inbox and a list of tasks, or you can use projects, tags and smart scheduling. It's whatever you need it to be.
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    Google Keep

    Save your thoughts, wherever you are

    Chad-omar TurnerC.E.O Renegade Coding and Developments · Written
    Work on both Phone and lap top and notes can be shared via google docs
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    K Michelle LunderSocial@Ditchetheoffice · Written
    I use this for EVERYTHING and as long as you have a Google account you can access it everywhere you access your Google account
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Andrej MusugamitowMarketing Manager, Axonic · Written
    Zenkit is an online project management solution that offers many different data views like a to-do list, mind-map, spreadsheet, kanban board, or calendar. Whether you´re a task-list enthusiast, or a manager of complex projects, Zenkit let´s you be as productive as possible.
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    Turn your entire life into a list.

    Simple, minimalistic and powerful.
    Blake RobinsonFacilitator @ Salesforce · Written
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    Things 3.0

    Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

    Ryan ManorProduct manager at Adobe · Written
    Its phenominal, its got a great tagging system, lets you simply organize groups of tasks into "areas" (work/personal/etc.) and its got very simple, clean, and useful UI/UX.
    Agreed things 3 has a beautiful UI and is simple but not limited. Great app
    Dima AfoninFounder at Outmarketing · Written
    It was a game changer for me. Used lots of apps like Wunderlist,, Clear, Todoist, Apple Reminders and Notes, even Trello and regular notebook. Neither of them worked out. Some due to ugly UI, some due to limited functionality. Things 3 works the best in my opinion. It's very clear, super easy and fun to use. Still it's not limited so if you need something more than just a tasklist — it is there. Great app.
  6. 14 3.0

    Organize all aspects of your life with

    Razvan Gabriel ApostuDesigner & Developer, CEO @VanSoftware · Written
    I use it everyday. It has a simple yet effective design and it keeps you focused on solving your tasks. You also get the fulfillment of crossing the tasks off the list and getting stuff done! Also, the sync between the mobile app and the website works great.
    I've tried dozens of tool, and the best one
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    beautiful task manager

    Markdown, recurring, easy to use, mobile compatible, inexpensive subscription for Pro
    Stowe Boydfuturist, researcher, imperfectionist · Written
    Perhaps the most minimal task manager, after paper and pencil.
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    Taskful 2.0

    Deadlines, meet your match.

    LucasAspiring UI/UX designer · Edited
    Taskful has a beautiful interface and is available for Android & iOS. It's a simple task manager that focussed on letting you create subtasks with ease to reduce the amount of stress that comes with getting things done. It's unfortunately not available on desktop yet, though.
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    Michael HirschFounder of Taskful · Written
    Michael Hirsch made this product
    We are currently working on desktop app and plan on releasing it sometime in March.
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    Microsoft To-Do

    An intelligent task management app

    Minimalistic and, to use the most overused words to describe apps, very beautiful and clean UI!
    Minimalistic and, to use the most overused words to describe apps, very beautiful and clean UI!
    Abin JacobUX Designer | Researcher · Written
    A simple to do app. The unique My Day interface improved my work flow to a very great extent. It helps you to focus on the things to be done by keeping other tasks out of your sight.
  10. J. DakarSouthern Gentleman Wordsmith · Written
    I've tried countless to-do apps, but TickTick is the one I've continuously used. It is everything you're looking for!
  11. Kyle StephensCo-Founder of · Written
    More of a project management tool but can be used as a personal planner also.
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    TaskPaper 3

    Plain text to-do lists for Mac

    Every time I get overwhelmed by imposed structure of a todo app, I return to TaskPaper. It can be as simple as a list of items, and as complicated of a system as you need.
    Eivind Lindbråten🦊 Developer, Oslo, Norway. · Written
    So simple, and can structure it however you want. Also really fast to use, and integrates with reminders.
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    A simple task manager app for macOS

    It's minimal and convenient for those who are on mac.
    RILSW E B D E V · Written
    Clean and simple. Opens in a small window so it's easy to have it in view all the time.
  14. Nandini SharmaAssistant Marketing Manager · Written
    ProofHub is a task management and project planning software that brings a lot in the platter for teams of all sizes. The native to do feature in ProofHub is simple to use with an amazingly neat interface. It has also got all the advanced features like sub tasks, recurring events, assign multiple people to a single task, option to set a start and end date, set time estimates, mark lists as private, and lots more.
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    Time 2

    Stay focused and crush procrastination

    Shaan SinghBlue Cocoa, Harvard. · Written
    Shaan Singh made this product
    If you like the feeling of completing a task, Time 2 gives you that feeling on steroids! Additionally, it's really great for: 1) organizing your whole week, 2) staying focused on your work as you're doing it, and 3) tracking your daily effectiveness. And all in one clean design! It's basically a distraction killer in your pocket.
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    Ridiculously simple, incredibly powerful organization

    Jamie MartinDesign Manager @ Akili Interactive · Written
    My favorite workflow-type of app
  17. ProProfs Project has no-frills and offers a delightful user experience. You get access to smart features like time tracking, Gantt charts, and calendar view that lets you manage your tasks like a pro.
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    Turn your to-do list into a real work plan

    Filipa Nascimento made this product
    Outplanr was designed to turn your to-do list into a clear work plan without effort, making your life easier. Keep projects on track and easily check how much time was spent on each task against your estimates.
  19. Cristian BaraWeb dev. Researcher. · Written
    Cristian Bara made this product
    This will only work on your phone, maybe it helps.
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    The smart to-do list

    Dima AfoninFounder at Outmarketing · Written
    Use this one if you wanna keep it really simple. Thou I prefer Things 3 for my personal tasks, Clear is a nice option for those who really want a minimalistic approach to task tracking. The UI is still unbeatable even after years since it was first released.