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Which software do you use to track your investments?

People rarely invest in 1 asset (cryptos, stocks...) or using 1 broker (banks, professional brokers...) Do you know a software where you can aggregate a simulation of ALL your different investments so you can check their evolution with just a quick view?
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    Bitcoin Price

    Live charts + everything you need to know about crypto coins

    Catalin Zorzini made this product
    BTC only but lots of in-depth guides!
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    Private, ad-free Mint.com alternative

    I've tried a lot of different investment tracking apps, but this one has been the only one that ticked most of my boxes. Nice interface, ability to track investment in all currencies including crypto. There is no automatic import, but it's easy to add an account and keep it updated manually. This app just provides a simple overview, without too much power that would just bloat the product. In a nutshell, a good companion app for investment tracking.
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    Personal Capital

    All your accounts, All in one place.

    Jay Delgato
    Jay DelgatoNegative. I am a meat popsicle. · Written
    Great UI on desktop and mobile, focused on investments rather than budgeting. Service is free and monetized via getting you to sign up for their advisor service, but they aren't aggressively annoying with the upsell. Syncs with all banks and investment accounts.
    I've tried a ton of these and Personal Capital is my favorite...doesn't track cryptos yet but you can manually input stocks if they don't support your integration...hopefully they continue to add more (dont have robinhood yet)
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    Bitcoin Flip

    A crypto trading simulator for beginners

    Alīna Kitnere
    Alīna KitnereDigital project manager · Written
    For cryptos I always use this
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    Commandiv doesn't just let me track all my holdings (crypto, stocks, ETFs) in one place - it lets me buy and automatically re-balance them there as well.
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    Jordy van Gent
    Jordy van GentPerformance + Growth Marketing · Written
    Jordy van Gent made this product
    The service offers a free tool to connect multiple bank accounts or manual add investments like gold or art.
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    Yeon J Sung-hee
    Yeon J Sung-heeI'm a freelance product designer · Written
    Yeon J Sung-hee made this product
    Hey guys! It's on pre-launch, but it'd be a full solution for portfolio management, would be nice to have your feedback :)
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    Tiller Money

    The only automatic sync of financial data into Google Sheets

    Edward Shepard made this product
    I use Google Sheets powered up with Tiller Money, the GoogleFinance add-on for stocks, and this crypto add-on for coin: https://jbuty.com/how-to-get-cry...
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    The best charting tool for crypto and stocks

    Christopher Leach
    Christopher LeachProgrammer and Student · Written
    Amazing resource for in depth charts. Also has an active community.
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    Sharing economy comes to personal investing, on your iPhone

    Kurosh Hashemi
    Kurosh HashemiFounder/CEO at RoadGoat · Written
    OpenFolio is my favorite - connects with many brokers + great clean analysis of performance. Best of all, it is integrated with Robinhood
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    Google Sheets

    Excel in the cloud

    Aynul Habib
    Aynul HabibFounder & CEO of ZenQualify · Written
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    AngieFounder of YourApparel and Femwyse · Written
    Gives you an overview of all your assets. It also includes graphs.