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What are best free tools to create interactive documentation for your APIs?

We need to host the documentation on our server and make them public.
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    Beautiful static documentation for your API

    AshwinWeb/Software developer · Written
    Just started using this couple of weeks ago. Easy to use and customisable
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    Moin UddinCreator/Developer · Written
    Beautiful and highly customizable static API docs.
  2. 38

    Beautiful Documentation Made Easy

    Readme documentation is beautiful and allows you to make it interactive for the user
  3. 11

    Blueprint for API Development

    Because using this tool will be a huge improvement for your API. Easy, mock server, clean and ready to work with Github
  4. Loris MazFounder, SimpleVisa · Written
    Similar to Slate, it just needs a Swagger / Open API definition file and generates a beautiful API Documentation.
  5. I used to create some things like web page and blog at the internet. I am sure that it's possible to refer them and to create interactive documentation with their help.
  6. Sharat ChandraLike building stuff · Written
    Easy to get started, just document APIs in a yaml file