A web or mobile app where I can share my idea 🌱

I am looking for a web or mobile app where I can share my or interact other's idea. It will be '+' if I can build my idea with people they like :D
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    Telegram 4.5

    A new era of messaging

    Ángel Blanco
    Ángel BlancoUser Acquisition 👥∞ · Written
    You just have to look for a suitable Telegram group and you'll be able to chat and get feedback in no time! :)
    • Joshua Talley
      Joshua TalleySales Operations Manager, Grundfos

      I've tinkered with Telegram for years, but really dove in over a year ago when I grew tired of Skype for Business failing, Slack feeling too cumbersome, Google not having their act together with...well pretty much anything to do with messaging, and FB/WhatsApp being too ominous/stigmatized.

      I have used Telegram on iOS, Android, Chrome (browser & OS), and Windows. It just works. If I could get everyone I chat with to use it instead of one of all the other ones, that would be a refreshing change.

      The one app that has an advantage over it is GroupMe because of SMS mode. A person can opt into receiving and sending messages via SMS only. They lose a lot of functionality, but it's still possible and works well.

    • Brett Lindenberg
      Brett LindenbergFounder Mindstamp.io ⚡

      I love Telegram and use it as my daily work messenger. It's blazing fast, reliable, and works pretty much perfectly. My only wish is that they would support SMS so I can ditch my other messaging apps.