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Pieter WalravenFounder & Product @ Pie - pie.co

What's the best mobile CRM for SMBs?

Looking for a simple mobile-first CRM app for retailers, could be industry specific.
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    Salesflare CRM

    Simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B

    Jeroen Corthout β˜•Co-Founder Salesflare Β· Written
    Jeroen Corthout β˜• made this product
    Actually Salesflare was built for mobile first, Sunil πŸ˜€ The mobile app has ALL functionality of the desktop web app.
    Sunil NeurgaonkarGrowth @ Whatfix (We're hiring) Β· Edited
    This is not exactly a mobile-first CRM but they have pretty awesome apps. This is an amazing CRM tool for SMBs! Update: Saleslfare is indeed mobile-first CRM.
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    PipeDrive CRM

    Effortless pipeline management.

    Sander SaarProduct innovation, strategy & growth Β· Written
    Super simple, great integrations for automation and strong mobile apps.
  3. Enterprising Josh made this product
    Best free full features SMB CRM is Bitrix24. Great iOS and Android apps - https://www.bitrix24.com/feature...