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What are your favorite privacy-based browser extensions?

I'm looking for browser extensions that protect user data, web behavior, etc.
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    See which companies are tracking you on websites

    Brennon Denny
    Brennon DennyCreating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡 · Written
    I've been recommending Ghostery for while now for users that are looking for a browser extension to help with privacy.
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    • Álvaro Farforio
      Álvaro FarforioLost in the digital world.

      A great way to protect your privacy, and increase your web browsing speed through tracker blocking! A must have in your browser.

  2. Cruz
    CruzSoftware Developer @ Synacor · Written
    I've tried my fair share of adblockers and was never completely satisfied, switched to uBlock Origin and haven't looked back.
    Kevin Ferret
    Kevin FerretProduct Manager, AgilOne · Written
    Same here, super easy to use, super clear & clean in their terms and privacy settings, very extensive capabilities.
    Martin Posta
    Martin PostaCreative producer · Written
    One of the best adblockers out there, fully customizable...
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    Adblock Plus

    Popular content blocking has its own browser

    Tweegenic1Noble Investor · Written
    blocks banner ads, pop-up ads, rollover ads, and more. It stops you from visiting known malware-hosting domains, and also disables third-party tracking cookies and scripts. Plus, there are a ton of things you can do with it beyond just blocking ads.
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    Search Encrypt

    The Privacy Based Search Engine

    Christian Stewart
    Christian StewartSEO & Social Media Specialist · Written
    Christian Stewart made this product
    Search Encrypt's browser extension redirects any tracked searches through its private and encrypted search engine.
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    The easiest way to protect your online privacy

    Used to use Ghostery, but was a bit put-off by disclosures that demonstrated a less-than-transparent approach to privacy protection. Switched to Disconnect, snagged a lifetime deal on premium, and have been mostly pleased since.
    Has a great browser extension, and ability to upgrade to their paid apps to be protected even when you are on your phone or from other programs outside your browser, who are tracking you. Have been using their app on my mac since August, and it's blocked 75.000 request so far...
    • Disconnect protects your privacy online. In a perfect there would be no need for Disconnect to exist, but the world is full of companies wanting to track you every online move without your consent, so they can earn money on you with no respect for your privacy. Disconnect prevents this by blocking incoming tracking request to your computer - either in your browser (for free - go and get it now!), on your computer (in their paid app) or on server level through their VPN (in their paid app).

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    Newly launched Mac OS X integration for password management

    Arguably more of a security extension than a "privacy extension," but I would put forth that using strong (and potentially unknown) passwords stored securely in a zero-knowledge vault with a strong master password is one of the best ways one can protect their own privacy, so I'm dropping this here anyway. :)
    • matt kocaj
      matt kocajDev on a mission to work for himself

      It's definitely a leap to use a password manager. Actually it's a pain in the ass. but it's so worth it.

      Passwords aren't going away any time soon so this is the only safe options for the near future. Get onto it.

      If you're having trouble convincing your mainstream friends and family try this video

    • Nick Allen
      Nick AllenHead of Marketing at FileInvite | Kiwi

      LastPass means you never have to use the same password on multiple websites again. Use the handy features to share your passwords with other users and sync your work account so that you can easily onboard team members. User for yeasrs.

  7. Rami M. Amin
    Rami M. AminNot a Growth Hacker · Edited
    - Auto selects filters based on website's language - Blocks ads and analysis or use trackers - Browser add on works smooth - They are transparent about their privacy policy and give you the choice to not block some non intrusive ads - You can disable it on some websites and enable it on others - Their PC stand alone client saves loads of bandwidth and processing power - Parental control feature
    Peter Mello
    Peter MelloManaging Partner, Lionheart Pathways · Written
    Browsers are bad enough memory hogs as it is, so it was great to finally ditch needing an ad blocking extension in every browser. One license and my PC and Android phone are protected before I ever open a browser, and the ease of whitelisting single page elements instead of whole domains is remarkably simple and superior to the rest of the herd.
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    Data Selfie

    See how much Facebook really knows about you

    Scary. Awesome.
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    Keybase for Chrome

    A secure chat button for every profile

    Several novel approaches to enable simple, private and secure communications.
    Peter Mello
    Peter MelloManaging Partner, Lionheart Pathways · Written
    After 20 years of Byzantine methods for using PGP to secure your communications, finally someone figured out how to make it painless. Somehow they manage to get you following infosec best practices without it being a chore. The free encrypted storage and file sharing kicks ass, and the teams feature lets you communicate with one or many people under a Get Smart "Cone of Silence"
  10. I recommend privacy badger from EFF, it blocks all 3rd party trackers on page. Also, if you feel something wrong with the page you are browsing ie. video isn't loading, ui is simple and easy to permanently fix false flags.
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    Get a new virtual card for every transaction

    Generate private single-use or single-vendor credit cards on-demand, and stop worrying about the risks of using your debit card online.
    • Chad Whitaker
      Chad WhitakerProduct Designer at AngelList ✌️ is perfect for free trials. No more setting a calendar reminder to cancel your account.

      Just create a burner card with a $1 limit, and the whole cancellation process will work itself out. 😬

    • J. Christian Bernabe
      J. Christian BernabeOps Director | Early Adopter | Polymath

      Privacy is an awesome solution for protecting your privacy/security when you shop online. As cyber breaches continue to be par for the course, I can see this service being of great use for those of us who are security-minded. Please integrate linking credit cards to create burner cards!

  12. I built this because I was sick of link shorteners tracking me and being blind to where they were actually taking me. intercepts shortened links, analyses them for malware / phishing, and strips out tracking cookies automatically.
  13. I recommend this app called AppLock, it's an app that can not only lock all your app, image and video. It also has Incognito browser.
  14. Great tech from @rickdeaconx that complements other browser privacy extensions by further protecting you from attacks and letting you know about site privacy issues.
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    OpenPGP Encyption for Gmail (and webmail)

    PGP for Gmail in Firefox and Chrome.