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What's the best fitness-tracking wearable?

I'm one of those in the small percentage of people that's allergic to the Nike Fuelband's and old Fitbit's adhesive. Better options?
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    Apple Watch

    The most personal device Apple has ever created

    Radoslav StankovHead of engineering @ ProductHunt. · Written
    I think the best fitness tracker is the one which is always with you :)
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    Fitbit Flex 2

    The tracker for swimming and style 🏊

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Little & light!
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    Fitbit Alta HR

    The power of heart rate in the world’s slimmest design yet

    Chris GallelloFounder @ Purple.pm · Written
    I can't live without HR tracking, and this is the most comfortable option.