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What are your favorite accessories for the iPhone X?

I really like Spigen for cases and recently bought a Seneo wireless charging stand. Any other accessories that stand out?
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    Apple AirPods

    Wireless earphones from Apple

    Antoine Plu
    Antoine PluProduct Designer @MemoBank · Written
    Great alternative for situations when you don't want to wear your Bose
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    Bose QC 35 II

    The best from Bose. Now with the Google Assistant built in.

    Justin Cauchon
    Justin CauchonProduct Manager, CNET · Written
    Amazing sound, noise cancellation, long battery and no cord required.
  3. 22
    Peel for iPad

    Peel's super thin case design, now for iPad

    Kevin Clayland
    Kevin ClaylandMobile UI/UX Designer at Birst · Written
    Awesome for people who love the look of their new iPhone and still wan to to put a case on it without it looking like a brick. This is only for people who treat their iPhone well though. I have this case for scratches. Don't expect it to save your phone from a nasty fall. My last one for my iPhone 7 was great though, dropped it a few times and was fine.
  4. 10

    Wireless earphones with 8 hour charge

    Robert Bye
    Robert ByeProduct Manager at Figma · Written
    I would say the sound is considerably better, the microphone is definitely better, the in-ear design blocks out outside sound (meaning you can have the volume lower and damage your hearing less, plus makes commuting better), and they look 100x cooler than earpods.
    Connor Hicks
    Connor HicksSoftware Developer at 1Password · Written
    All the convenience of AirPods with marginally better sound and a much smaller chance of losing one!
  5. 1
    Beoplay App

    Control your music on your iPhone

    Karl Nislow
    Karl NislowSolutions Architecture + FP&A · Written
    Stylish with great sound quality. A great accessory for those who don't want to look like an albino version of Shrek and just want to listen to music.
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    Beoplay App

    Control your music on your iPhone

    Ezra Mosseri
    Ezra MosseriCEO @ Exceleratr | Consulting @ Moburst · Written
    Really can't understand why more people aren't picking these up in favor of AirPods, or BeatsX. I find that the sound quality is way (wayy) better, the buds themselves are super comfortable (I can wear them for hours whereas the airpods start to hurt after 15-20 minutes), and I like that they have a wire connecting them. Connecting to my devices is incredibly quick and very reliable. Battery is solid, and powering them down is as simple as connecting the two buds together via the built in magnets. Great product.