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What virtual reality headset do you recommend?

What pros and cons of the different models of VR headsets, thanks
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    HTC Vive

    Discover virtual reality beyond imagination

    A SinghTech obsessed student. · Written
    Out of all the headsets I've tried, the Vive has consistently been the best. The headset has excellent quality & the head and controller tracking is outstanding. The ability to move around in the VR experience is probably the best factor for me, while the high quality is in at #2. The only negative I would say is the $1600 (AUD) price tag + the additional cost of a fancy computer, which puts it out of the range of most people.
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    Eye tracking VR headset

    Brennon Denny🌊 Internet Surfer💻 Web Developer · Written
    FOVE is a great option at $599. While I haven't used it myself I've been told by others that this is the best VR headset they have tried.
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    Oculus Go

    $199 Standalone VR headset from Oculus (no PC!)

    Alex BarreraFounder at The Aleph Report & · Written
    Oculus is the obvious choice. If you aren't going for heavy VR experiences, the Go is the perfect entry.
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    PlayStation VR

    Discover a new world of unexpected gaming experiences

    Aaron KazahSoftware Developer and Anime Enthusiast. · Written
    It rests comfortable on your head and doesn't feel like you're balancing bricks on your face (looking at you Vive). It's also the best gaming VR headset in my opinion, sure the graphics may not be the best when compared to Vive, Oculus etc but the experience you get makes you ignore that, look at the reviews for Skyrim on PSVR you'll see what I'm talking about. It delivers more or less the same experience for a cheaper price. If you want a HTC Vive or Oculus then you better have an extra $1,000 to shell out because you'll need to get a pretty strong PC to handle that hardware.