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Where's the best place to find marketing co-founders?

If you have a great tech team and you want marketing/sales/growth expertise in your co-founder then where should you look?
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@hugowoodhead go to marketing events & meetups, startup local conferences & drink parties. There you should talk to people and ask recommendations
@hugowoodhead oh, forgot to mention startup competitions and hacathons
@hugowoodhead same problem here, I just asked right bellow who wants to be a co-founder :)
@hugowoodhead Search for facebook startup groups in your region ("How to start a startup Ukraine", etc). Make some small intro of your startup + your need (marketing co-founder) and post there.
@hugowoodhead Find local opinion leaders in the startup community. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Then ask their recomendations. Maybe they know someone.
Other options would be: Startup subreddit Job search sites Product Hunt Jobs AngelCo Jobs Sites for co-founders search Good luck :)
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