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What tool/service do you recommend to create documentation for a SaaS product?

We're building a team analytics platform at and we're getting close to having a public beta. We need to have some docs hosted for our users to scale support and we're looking for a good tool or platform to produce and host the content (Getting started guide, FAQs, feature docs...). Any recommendations?
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  1. Intercom is excellent on so many levels.
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    Customer Feedback & Product Roadmaps

    You could alternatively make up a stack using a Roadmap software, where people can submit feedback and ideas, and get alerts.
    • Sam Rye
      Sam RyeFounder

      I only found Roadmap in the last week, but I've instantly seen it's potential, and have really enjoyed getting set up and starting to build out a backlog.

      I could see this being used for a variety of things, not just technology product management. I'm setting up a new impact studio, and we often take a participatory approach to developing ideas, so this could work as a really neat solution for us to centralise research and ideas.