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What are some little-known lifehacks that you use all the time?

Some lifehacks are about knowing cool products, others, like getting enough sleep and exercising regularly are a must. Some lifehacks, depend on knowing the full capabilities of the products. Share your most frequently used lifeahacks.
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The greatest lifehack of all-time is discovering that the AirPods case can be used as a stand for your iPhone.
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@nivo0o0 Which wallpaper is that. Damn I need it
@nivo0o0 another reason to get airpods w/ my next iPhone (X)
You can use an earring to get your SIM Card out 😉
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@nivo0o0 stap or step?
@nivo0o0 I always do this. :P
@nivo0o0 Didn't aware of it I was using needle till now.
@nivo0o0 I usually go for an unravelled paperclip 📎
@nivo0o0 And here I was safekeeping my ejector tool 🤦‍
@nivo0o0 DuckDuckGo Bangs are a must-know!
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@nivo0o0 water in the morning before coffee, who else does this?
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@nivo0o0 @timmperez In Naples, Italy, when you order an espresso they always serve you a free glass of water before to serve your coffee ;)
@nivo0o0 @ddouble7 I know where to travel next now!
@nivo0o0 @timmperez I always drink water before I go into the world. It gets my system up and running. You can skip breakfast if you must, but not that sweet H20.
@nivo0o0 bypassing the Wall Street Journal paywall by finding the corresponding article shortlink on Twitter.
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@nivo0o0 @chrismessina You can also use Google Cached pages to bypass a lot of paywalls.
@nivo0o0 I use the Wikipedia languages links to translate things if it's a proper noun or concept that likely won't translate directly.
@nivo0o0 @jim_zhou oh that's an awesome idea..
@nivo0o0 Slicing bagels before you freeze them
@nivo0o0 Alway stash a $10 or $20 behind your phone in the case. I wind up using that hack once a month, because 1/ I leave my wallet home, or 2/ a store has a minimum purchase for credit card.
@nivo0o0 Using a pen and paper. Makes me think!
@nivo0o0 that is kinda a smart question/answer but the answer is IDK
@nivo0o0 you know what that is kinda smart to do but you would need two phone cover's for this because of the stand and because of the back of your phone so that you won't drop/loose your battery and so your phone don't look weird like that
@nivo0o0 Right tagline on your Ship page is 60% of success
@nivo0o0 hugging a dog instead of morning meditation!
@nivo0o0 some are use a bottle and cutit in half and decorate it and use it for plants or starage
@nivo0o0 If you have a stainless steel faucet, you can get the smell off your hands after chopping fresh garlic by wiping them on it when you go to wash them afterward. (Or any stainless steel item, but I find the faucet the handiest.)
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