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What are some side project ideas you'd like to see built?

With the Product Hunt Global Hackathon kicking off soon, now's a good time to share your side project ideas. Add yours below and remember, this is a judgement free environment. 😊
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I shared some of my (perhaps terrible) ideas on Twitter earlier today. Reposting here: 🗣 Audible pen pals. Swap stories with people across the world using your voice and a Google Home device. 🐥 Timehop for your Twitter BFF’s. A weekly email surfacing the first tweet between yourself and long-time Twitter friends. 📞 On-demand empathy. When feeling down, depressed, or lonely press a button and receive a call from a kind human. 💰 Amazon Dash Buttons for charities. A physical button that donates $5 to select charities (e.g. @charitywater) when pressed. 🤖 A bot to diversify your Twitter following. A bot that intros two people with different backgrounds (geo, demo, etc.) that share interests. ✏️ Genius for crypto. Community-powered whitepaper annotations and analysis for upcoming ICOs. 💦 Soylent for sparkling water. Open sourced bubbly beverages to compete with LaCroix. 🤗 AI therapist. Weekly, scheduled video calls with an AI therapist. 😝 Pocket for terrible side project ideas
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@charitywater @rrhoover If anyone makes the pocket for terrible side project ideas and loose executions, hit me up. I've got loads. 😅 Edit: So John Kuo hit me up and now we’re actually building this! That’s what I get for opening my mouth. 🙌 If you’re interested in a pocket for your side projects, sign up for updates here. https://www.producthunt.com/upco... 🌱
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@rrhoover Open source sparkling water????? Lol
@charitywater @rrhoover I think i'll work on this bot! Can i? :D
@charitywater @rrhoover - Happy to provide Flic buttons for 📞 On-demand Empathy and 💰 Amazon Dash Buttons for charities! Great ideas :) @shortcutlabs
@charitywater @rrhoover I'd definitely support the creation of "empathy-on-demand" in whatever way I can. I can offer time and work, organization etc. I don't know exactly how the hackathon works, but I would definitley support that one project!
@rrhoover #1 Paid focus group for websites and apps: you select a group of random people to answer your question(s), everyone is paid a percentage of what the "client" gives. #2 A newsletter app that you don't need an email to connect it into. Users summarise content (text, images, links) and send the generated link to people, or if those people have the app, push notifications. #3 Golden book for restaurants and such establishments, clients get a custom QR code that people can snap, it unlock promotions and others, it's a centralised voucher system. #4 Private Scheduled Conversations: It's like a book club, but for everything. One person choose the topic, the date, the language to be used, the count of people, privacy (if it's visible from every one or not, and if people are anonymous). Hashtags make the searches easier. Can be used for AMA, AA, Focus group, Live events etc. We use Twitter for user credential credibility #5 Upto: What are you up to is a social network that is around real meaningful status update. In what way is that a change to others social network ? You have only 6 status maximum a day. You've got : morning, noon, afternoon, at night, midnight, in the dark night. You can see setup your calendar in advanced. For example, set what's up you'll do tomorrow night or next week. Or set a goal by day, week, month, year, to set the mood. #6 SneakPeek: Create a photo app to record your projects. Photos can only be viewed on the app and nowhere else. Projects can be protected with password. #7 Chit Chat: Pick a word, see what's up. Share web content with tags. Add list of words in home page and see the changes happens live. Kind of like TweetDeck, but only with search words. #8 Temporary voicemails (the only project I'm working on): create ephemeral inboxes for getting voicemails for any kind of topic. Example: You want to sell something on Craigslist, just create an inbox for your item, share the link (or QR Code), and people will be able to leave you voicemails. Inboxes are configurable (time duration etc). I've got a lot more, but ain't nobody got time for that!
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@benjamin_wheeler It's my previous one, I was thinking on choosing a service like appear.in for the MVP. Just add a reminder process and you're good to go. I just don't have that much time. The goal is to make good conversations, not just like forums usually do.
@rrhoover @tsunaze Happy to pick up #2 A newsletter app that you don't need an email to connect it into.
@rrhoover @tsunaze @nikovee love #2. Thinking of working On it
@rrhoover Things I would build if there were 2 of me: Kids' code robot battle arena: you make bots with increasingly sophisticated code, to battle and survive against other bots 5 minute courses: $1 mini-courses, 5 "classes" of 60 seconds each, made on mobile with a super easy editor Click to pray: instantly join a group praying in any method, from Greek Orthodox to new age to atheist-humanist to Sufi Musical DrawWithMe: trade a track back and forth with a friend, adding musical layers Shakira explainer: teach me Spanish by showing me Shakira's lyrics below her videos, with lots of explanation: what's the tense, person# and infinitive of that verb conjugation, what's that contraction short for, etc.
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@benjamin_wheeler +1 for anything that involved Shakira
@rrhoover @benjamin_wheeler I love your 5 minutes courses (I have sketched an app for this)
@rrhoover @benjamin_wheeler Yes please: "5 minute courses: $1 mini-courses, 5 "classes" of 60 seconds each, made on mobile with a super easy editor"
@rrhoover @benjamin_wheeler 5 min courses is a perfect idea
@rrhoover I know that we always try to solve problems with technology and get more functional solution to already established systems, and while I would love to see improvements on so many levels within our existing social media landscape or internet existence indeed, I often think about the creativity and fuel, called: inspiration. As we become more and more advanced in relation to automation, we will become proportionally more desperate and lost in terms of the sense of purpose, how to awake creativity and generally live fulfilled lives. I want an app that brings forth real content, inspires purpose for each individual and nurtures human values and proclaims war on shallow entertainment, time passes and click baits. The only way I see this happening is through distributing the content in a very smart and targeted way, decentralization and lack of agenda relating to data gathering (exact opposite to what fb is becoming).
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@rrhoover this is interesting - do you mean a motivational/inspirational app? Or what other ideas do you have in mind?
@cherrychen there's steemit and mastodon afaik for social, but maybe something better can be done, have a few ideas. It may have curated content including what you said.
@rrhoover @ideasrex I'm working on a platform called subscribe.ai - a free service to make new discoveries around the things you care about most - people, locations, music, art, brands, and events. subscribe.ai is based around your specific and personal interest graph whilst free from the distractions found in social networks - fake news, content oversharing, irrelevant commentary, and infuriating notifications vying for your attention. I'm experimenting with some simple AI and ranking algorithms to surface the most pertinent/relevant updates for users. Maybe this might be of some interest to you? Feel free to ask any questions :) Here's my upcoming page: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
@rrhoover ai that stores and pulls all your info (knowledge, ideas, projects, health, email, social feeds, telegram, slack) and learns on this data and recommends a productivity PLAN, todo list. That can do some prognosis about your career, ventures. memex!
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@rrhoover App on which you list your side-project ideas and sends you notifications every X days as reminders to start/continue building it
@mauriciob91 add some punishment, or if you don't build them - your account loose money donated to charity. Greed is our driver!!!
@mauriciob91 @arthur_tkachenko and make it a charity you don't quite like :)
@mauriciob91 @sekrabbin best choice - secure some money from the account. so you cannot block a transaction
@rrhoover @mauriciob91 wip.chat is a great for this one. lots of makers are building product using this.
App that uses AR and vision processing to solve piano theory homework!
@legionof7 great idea guys!
@rrhoover Auto-populate a document with LinkedIn information for all of the attendees of a specific meetup event.
@rrhoover @cwelker12 Checkout eventkey.net for this. It will provide all the attendee list with LinkedIn profile at the event.
@rrhoover App to record thoughts while taking a 💩
@rrhoover @varundave I can’t wait to demo ShitTalk at the end of November! 😂
@rrhoover @varundave This might be the best bcz everyone gets brilliant ideas while taking 💩
@rrhoover Beerio - beer that gets cold after you open it. If you need help with the product, hit me up. What you need - good product design and understanding of the beer can manufacturing process. It's essentially putting a cold pack in the beer can and to get ahead to answer the first question - no it will not affect the taste or composition of the beer.
@rrhoover @martin_jeret Shut up and take my money!
@rrhoover @martin_jeret I've came up with an simmilar idea back in high school together with a friend: coffee in cans, that gets hot after you open it, but I like the idea with the beer more. So maybe it's time to build it.
@rrhoover @jonathanvoelkle nice, I think the coffee is easier to pull off since heating is entropically favored. You could actually have the same product design for both ideas. So use the coffee can as a failsafe :D
@rrhoover @martin_jeret @jonathanvoelkle The coffee one exists! Well at least it did. At least 10 years ago I bought a coffee in a can, you twist the bottom and the resulting reaction made the coffee hot. The coffee though was terrible.
@rrhoover @jonathanvoelkle @ybeloc tahnks! Yeah, you can fix a heating apparatus but you can't fix shitty coffee.
@rrhoover Kind of a higher-level idea, but would love to see something which created a marketplace for Products, with the ability to invest in them using micro-payments and being able to track your investments via charts, graphs (ala a mini stock market).
@rrhoover @derekdevore like kickstarter, but for existing products?
@rrhoover @new_user_861eaf6f38 A bit like kickstarter, but more like how publicly traded companies are valued in the stock market. Users would be able to invest smaller sums of capital to fund businesses and track the revenue growth and "price" of each Product. For example, there are popular sites which allow you to "fractionally" invest in real estate deals and track their progress over time using charts and graphs - with the ability to add or subtract from your investment. There are also sites which allow investors to fractionally invest money into business loans, etc. I would like to see this on a Product level.
@rrhoover @new_user_861eaf6f38 None of these are Product-centric. "Products" meaning products similar to those being released on PH.
@rrhoover @new_user_861eaf6f38 @derekdevore Sort of like democratize the investment rounds? One million people giving 50 dollars to invest. Am I right?
@rrhoover An AR app for real estate which would show pricing data and/or homes for sale (or apartments for rent) by holding your device in front of a property as you walk around in neighborhoods, etc.
@rrhoover @1genepalmer Where is the AR functionality?
@rrhoover @derekdevore Sorry Mark, they don't have AR. I missed that in your comment. This service works off of GPS on your phone.
@rrhoover 1# an Icebreaker app - with tons of good ideas to break the ice in private / business life 2# DOOH booths - physical booth installed all over the world where people can watch or record live music / messages etc... 3# a google maps with HISTORY view (find a place - go back in time on it) 4# scalorie - a digital kitchen scale that counts calories (I have 2 years of R&D on it done) 5# ice cubes from the Mont-Blanc 6# signature app : to create you own personal signature for your email (os x friendly) 7# a neat app to promote : makers - writers and all indies 8# giftube ! - a physical antique look TV showing curated GIFS (I have started it) 9# givebox - a box where you can leave stuff you dont need anymore to help others 10# flower bot - a robot to arrange flowers and seed and make a nice picture with them (pixel art with plants) 11# innotruck - a truck that cross the world to gather new ideas from people 12# business box - a piratekbox for your meetings - interactive games / surveys etc for your audience at any business meeting 14# profile pic - transform your avatar into a QR code 15# physical bitcoins - real coins that you can engrave to keep your private / pubic key 16# bitcoin splitter - so you can split bitcoins and get a commission on a sale / site access etc.. (I have a nice name for it : paypito) 17# customer intelligence reports - scrape the comments on product to gather information about what customers think of products - sell the report to companies (I like that one) 18# a facebook clone on blockchain (lol) # I have 10000's other ideas in my fridge ... join me to put some of then on the success road !!! :))
@rrhoover @steveraffner 14# I'm curious to hear about the use case here, sounds like something that could be put together fast :)
@rrhoover @jespr disrupting all pay site (e.g., linkedin, dating sites etc... where you have to pay to contact someone...)
@rrhoover @jespr @steveraffner But it would be trivial for those sites to block it, no?
@rrhoover @steveraffner Ah! So you mean, I have already uploaded my profile photo to something like Linkedin - but I then register my profile photo on faceQR.co (;p) and then you can use that app to scan the profile photo and it will reveal who you are?
@rrhoover @jespr exactly faceQR.co is nice
@rrhoover SUGGESTIONS/IDEAS Startup Idea #1: Online Open Innovation Advertisements Platform: -Clients Present their Products/Services on the website. -Users (Designers) Create Advertisement Designs (Images/Videos/AR Content/etc.) which highlights the specifications of the Client's Products/Services. -At the end of each contest a Winning User Advertisement Design is selected by the Client for a prize. -Clients can choose multiple winners. -Generates Great Buzz for startups/existing businesses. Thanks for inspiring me! SUGGESTIONS/IDEAS Startup Idea #3: "Forum Survivor Game" Platform: -A public Forum Survivor Game -10+ Contestants (submit $100+ fee to participate) -Unlimited "Viewers" (with comment ability in sub-section) -Watch the Contestants chat over a 10 day period -With a vote each night at midnight to "Ban" 1 Contestant. -The Contestants that were previously Banned decide who wins amongst the 2 Final Contestants. -The "Forum Survivor Game" Platform takes a 10% fee on $1000+ Pot Winnings -There could be a "High-Roller Forum Survivor Game" where Contestants submit $1000+ fee to participate... with a chance to win $10,000. -"Viewer" Users have ability to "Tip" the game and sweeten the pot -I am open to adjusting the rules... -This is a new type of Game Show: Online Forum Reality Game Show. -Ideally Product Hunt will use his network to get influencers to participate and hit the floor running with this platform (Influencer's Audience Viewers/Users) -Post wisely... Thank you. @jay_bee12345
@rrhoover @jay_bee12345 We are all wondering what Startup Idea #2 is...
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@rrhoover @gimly Due to popular demand... 😂 I've formulated a... Startup Idea #2: Side Project: The Business Card Paper Clip: Customizable Business Cards with built-in CardStock Paper Mechanism, Paper Clips! Present your portfolio documents to your clients with optimal branding functionality. -Great for Receipts and Invoices. Ideally license the technology to VistaPrint. See Current Paper-Material PaperClip Technology here:
-Just need to modify the above into Business Cards. I guess you could say... Clip it and Ship it!
@rrhoover @gimly @Medium: Startup Idea #4: New Medium Forum: Debate Stage. Idea: @Medium Hosted Debates... Example: @hunterwalk vs @rrhoover Debate Topic: In-House vs Crowd-Sourced Innovation. Thank you. Jaswinder Brar. @jay_bee12345
@rrhoover Crowdsource the best outdoor experiences around you and suggest adventures to meet with your peers. Mountain bike trails, hiking, surf, climbing, etc.
@rrhoover Thanks @daniel_reilly. I'm still looking for a react dev to work on the MVP. I'm based in Sydney, Australia. If you or anyone is interested, let me know.
@rrhoover @g_favier I am a native iOS developer and have dabbled in Android but know a few people in Sydney maybe willing to connect you to the right people! :) @seangreenhalgh
@rrhoover @daniel_reilly @seangreenhalgh Awesome Daniel! In the first time, I'm looking to validate the idea with a simple responsive website. The main challenge is to build and engage with a community of users. If you're keen, I can send you guys the plan I drafted with some wireframes. What's your emails 🙃
@rrhoover @noahmadden 🤘OneRelief, a crowdfunding platform collecting micro-donations for humanitarian relief. >> Social Entrepreneurs, Social app developers, join us for the hackathon! 🤙🏼✏️
Subscribe to get early access to the OneRelief App: https://assets.producthunt.com/u... 🤘OneRelief, a crowdfunding platform collecting micro-donations for humanitarian relief. 🤘
@rrhoover a way to find products better, because honestly most of these ideas are already out there (or the problem they're trying to solve is already being solved by a product). Not to say they shouldn't be pursued, but you gotta ask yourself if you're interested in the end result or the actual building process. And so many ideas can really be done using tools put out by Google. Don't get me wrong, I build bad ideas that are already being done by other people all the time. Because the building process is fun and competition is good.
@avizuber Stay positive and all will be fine :)
@rrhoover a mobile or web app that aggregates startup news and related content and presents it as summaries/bite sized news
@rrhoover @adithvictor @nikovee there are few products like Inshorts already exists for Indian market but love to work on something for global market
@rrhoover @adithvictor @nikovee Happy to work on this as well. :)
@rrhoover @adithvictor Already working on this, have quite a bit of it done if anyone wants to join me on it :)
@rrhoover Can someone please make a donate/support button where you can support a particular school project. Example: I wish to donate/support "Build your first bot" project for K3-5
@rrhoover Love the ideas and conversation starter! Here's a few ranging from concept to in production w/ others: #1: Product Hunt for Cannabis #2: Instagram with Music (Add any song from Spotify & Apple Music to photos, videos, and gifs) (not my idea) #3: Curated live music calendar with songs from every artist on the lineup, delivered to your inbox #4: Yelp for Financial Services Industry #5: Estore selling necklaces made from lego (blockchains!) (KIDDING!) #6: Online dating app for black female professionals (not my idea) #7: Free on-demand laundry service (pickup, wash, fold, and delivery -- all for free) #8: Fantasy Football, for Startups -- Draft startups and earn points based on milestones achieved (Kidding!) #9: VC Fund investing only in music startups -- someone's going to solve this, make sure you own the winner #10: Event recommendation bot #11: Creative Live for small business marketing #12: Cannabis roadtrip planner #13: Startup stats and analytics publication -- FiveThirtyEight for Startups #14: Investment bank for millennials & generation Z -- invests in businesses that align with values #15: Financial publication for millennials & generation Z
@rrhoover @jeff_osborn In your mind, what are the differences between #4 and nerdwallet.com?
@rrhoover @jeff_osborn #14 and #15 are really interesting. Millennials and generation Z are a niche on itself!
@rrhoover @salil_sethi Great question. I didn't articulate very well - I meant more specifically Yelp for Financial Planners & Advisors, which I don't think are listed on Nerd Wallet.
@rrhoover @jeff_osborn check out Cleanly for that in the US. It's not free though ☹️
@rrhoover @asingh2 Totally, there's a few like cleanly. The free component is the difference maker. The approach I envision would make the service 100% free forever for all users.
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