Who will be the breakout companies to watch in 2018?

Robinhood, OpenDoor, Coinbase, Stitchfix have seen massive growth in 2017. Which startups will be the ones to watch in 2018, and why?
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Ben Lang
Ben Lang@benln · Shipping
Flexport – the company is in hyper-growth, taking on a trillion dollar industry that's long been ignored by the tech world. Rubrik – Tackling a huge market, very strong sales and leadership. Founded in 2014, they've raised $290 million to date. Blend – Blend is taking on the mortgage industry, another massive market. They've raised $160M to date. Coda – 3 years in stealth and $60M raised, Coda is taking on Excel ☠️. Invision – recently raised a $100M round led by Battery Ventures, lots of excitement surrounding the launch of Studio.
Markia Theus
Markia Theus@deleted-894424
@benln +1 for Flexport
Karan Ahuja
Karan Ahuja@ahuja_karan · Lead PM, Tally. Before - LinkedIn & HBS.
@benln Thoughts on Affirm?
Kevin Lou
Kevin Lou@kevinbryantlou · Founder, Anytable 🍜
@benln @ahuja_karan Affirm is excellent and fills a niche, but coming from a company that heavily used Affirm I still don't see it being a breakout in the coming year. However, I have to say that their customer support is world class, and @mlevchin is the perfect leader for Affirm. I hope that I'm proven wrong and they do become a breakout hit!
Alex Smekhov
Alex Smekhov@alexmalkovich · Founder of Lilo
@benln Go Fit Space challenge should unite all people and become very popular
Patrick Schüller
Patrick Schüller@patrick_schueller · Marketing/SEO @Zenkit
@angellist is on its way to take the project management market by storm. We've been operating for a little more than a year, and have been mentioned in Forbes and TechCrunch recently. We will be available on every device very soon, which will serve our mission to become the first, truly flexible project management solution.
Michael Musgrove
Michael Musgrove@mbmusgrove · Marketing guy.
@angellist Product Hunt. The community that has been built from the ground up by Ryan is a very strong foundation to build upon and it's stable. The concept is versatile and obviously well-received. The people, who are integral to any company, that are involved are clearly driven, focused and intelligent(and very nice and fun to boot), and there's a lot of room for growth. Imitators of sorts have been springing up, which verifies that it's a business model that's attractive, viable and sustainable, and there are all sorts of opportunities for monetization and partnerships. The products that are being developed, like Ship, are clearly well-conceived and complementary/well-aligned to the core concept. In short, it's a winner, with a lot of influential people taking notice and getting on board, and there are plenty of opportunities available for strong, sustainable growth.
Sam Mogil
Sam Mogil@sammogil · Product, SquadUP
@angellist HQ Trivia...
Jose Zamora
Jose Zamora@josegzamora · Dev @ Sparkpost
Masoud Ardestani
Masoud Ardestani@masoudardestani · Designer @Recharge | Founder of @hicezan
@angellist @sammogil They will be acquired by Snap pretty soon I think.
Tara Gentile
Tara Gentile@tara_gentile · Founder of CoCommercial
@angellist Mighty Networks - they've launched a new pricing structure, their product is better than ever, and people are tired of the drama on Facebook. They're poised to go big serving dedicated social networks run by passionate people.
Nick Timms
Nick Timms@nptimms · Drag is live today (12th July)!
@angellist hey all. Try Been featured on Chrome store twice so far (and top PH). It transforms Gmail into organized task lists. Enjoy :)
Andrey Gabisov
Andrey Gabisov@agabisov · Oco, co-founder
@angellist Lemonade They start operations on new markets. Amazing customer experience, clear pricing structure - true disruption for the home insurance industry.
Mitul Shah
Mitul Shah@typicalmitul
@angellist Hopper - Analyzes billions of flights to help you find the cheapest option meeting your timeframe.
Yousif Aldujaili
Yousif Aldujaili@seffa121 · VC @ Hummingbird Ventures
@angellist @typicalmitul similar to SkyScanner no?
Jeff K
Jeff K@geoffwithaj · Data Engineer
@angellist @typicalmitul I just used them to book my flight to Europe and I was surprised how easy it was to get tickets. I actually ended up having one leg of my flight cancelled and they automatically set me up with another flight instantly and notified me quickly.
Simon Lejeune
Simon Lejeune@unchumbelge · Growth at Hopper
@angellist @typicalmitul @seffa121 our predictions are the most accurate out there but most importantly our notifications game is what sets us apart. 90%+ of our sales come from push notifications.
Mitul Shah
Mitul Shah@typicalmitul
@angellist @seffa121 SkyScanner and related sites are just aggregators of the data. Whereas Hopper uses ML to notify you if the flight price is expected to decrease/increase in the future - giving you the perfect time to buy the ticket. It's awesome. Someone feel free correct me if I'm wrong!
Landing Lion
Landing Lion@landinglion · The web's best way to build the web.
us @angellist 🦁 👑
Tiago Celestino
Tiago Celestino@tcelestino · Front-end engineer at Elo7
@angellist Nubank, 99 - Brazilians companies
Trista Kempa
Trista Kempa@tristajaye · Ops + CX
@angellist I'm biased because I work here, but Petal ( is going to be prettttttty sick.
Ben Slater
Ben Slater@benjhslater · Marketing,
@angellist Beamery - - Index Ventures backed company building CRM & Marketing Automation software for recruiting. Helps companies build pipelines of talent and market to the candidates that fit their brand, instead of just waiting for applications that might never come. Work with Facebook et al
Chase Roberts
Chase Roberts@chsrbrts · BizDev @ Segment
@angellist Pay close attention to Segment ( Companies are increasingly looking for ways to unify data captured from every touch point and put it to work across all of their tools including analytics, marketing, and warehousing. Segment enables this by allowing developers, data scientists, and marketers to implement Segment once and natively integrate their data sources and destinations. It's a powerful tool for generating unified views of customers, cross-domain analytics, mobile/e-commerce tracking, and more.
Shivam Dewan
Shivam Dewan@shivam_dewan · Design Guy. Product Guy
Robert Ponta
Robert Ponta@robert_ponta
@angellist @shivam_dewan After reading your landing page 3 times i have *no* clue what you are doing. :) You really should work over your text. The images are nice, but the text says practically nothing.
Shivam Dewan
Shivam Dewan@shivam_dewan · Design Guy. Product Guy
@angellist @robert_ponta Thanks for your feedback! :) We just launched last week, will be working hard on all these issues. Just to explain in one line, "We are a platform to do more of what you love with communities, made by lovely people like you, for you"
Jeff Whitlock
Jeff Whitlock@jeff_whitlock · Founder & CEO @ Unbird
@shivam_dewan @robert_ponta – I'm in the same boat...
Shivam Dewan
Shivam Dewan@shivam_dewan · Design Guy. Product Guy
@jeff_whitlock so what product are you working on ? :)
Adrian Craig
Adrian Craig@adrian_craig · co-founder, CEO of Llama
@angellist Check out Still very young but we're vying to change the way people plan and take amazing trips. Llama is a platform to collaborate on lists of places you want to hit on your trips and see lists other travelers have made.
Conrad Dimanche
Conrad Dimanche@conraddimanche
@angellist ( ) - A platform for creative and collaborative research. It's current community is unmatched by any other social network (scroll through the raw feed and tell me I'm wrong:
Anup Gosavi
Anup Gosavi@_anupg · Building
@angellist CocoonCam - Baby Monitoring company. The tech they are building looks very promising and has broader applications in healthcare. Strivr - Performance training in VR. I think 2018 will finally see the VR and looking at the client list, Strivr looks to be a breakout company. Superhuman - Email productivity still a big unsolved problem both for both individuals and organizations. Based on the beta reviews, looks like Superhuman is set to be a breakout on launch. HQ Trivia - One of the first true mobile social TV apps, this will be breakout but maybe gets acquired sooner. - An artificial intelligence platform to save water. Can be huge once it launches publicly.
Oleg Baranovskiy
Oleg Baranovskiy@ramovsky · Founder, Collbet
@angellist collbet
Evan Petrack
Evan Petrack@petrev01 · People Researcher; Loves GIS & Data
@angellist SixPlus 😉. The dining+tech market has been a crazy-active one for the past few years. Ever since the widespread adoption of online reservation systems, the "social consumer" market has seen success with OpenTable, Tock, etc. But the private dining market has been largely ignored by the tech world even though it accounts for a large portion of most restaurant's profits. No software or service has been able to really dominate and prove value to BOTH restaurants and the corporate market; SixPlus is going to change that.
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