Pascal Briod
Pascal BriodHead of Product & Co-Founder, Monito

What are the best tools for team weekly/daily updates?

We're looking for a tool that could remind each member of the team to share his weekly updates before a certain deadline and then share the digest of updates with the whole team. For now we've built a simple slack bot with Zapier, but I'm wondering if there would be better solutions.
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    John Xie
    John XieSimplicity is the key to brilliance. · Written
    John Xie made this product
    Taskade offers many templates on for team daily, weekly updates in Task List, Mind Map, and Kanban Board formats. It's instant, real-time, registration-free, and easily shareable.
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    I like how simple it is to use it and still has enough functionalities to do everything I need. I like that I can change between writing notes to writing a task list. I can also customize to make it personal.
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    Build successful teams with Range.

    Michael Boykin
    Michael BoykinMarketing @ Range · Written
    Range lets you easily write daily updates to share with your team. It also integrates with tools like Jira, Asana, GitHub, Trello and more to suggest items to include in your update. If you've updated a Google Doc or create a pull request, Range will remind you and suggest it for your next update. Super helpful!
    Jennifer Dennard
    Jennifer DennardCo-founder, Range · Written
    Jennifer Dennard made this product
    Range makes writing and sharing updates easy. Integrations with Google Docs, Jira, Slack, and more mean that most of your update is already written for you. Plus, Range summarizes and aggregates the information over time so it's easily to get a weekly, monthly, or even yearly digest.
    Kingshuk Mukherjee
    Kingshuk MukherjeeGood copy is good interface design. · Written
    I'm a copywriter who works with designers, creative agencies, authors and more. All of my work lives on Notion. But Notion has been rough with the project management side of things. It's hard to know what got done and what's being worked on. I may change a status of a project from "in process" to "shipped", but my partners won't know unless they are pinged. Range fills in the gaps. Daily updates, turning meeting agendas into action items, suggestions pulled from other common tools make it incredible for communicating better on projects.
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    A simple and beautiful app for 1:1s and team meetings 👏

    Hiba Amin
    Hiba AminMarketing @ TestBox · Written
    SoapBox is a 1:1 and team meeting agenda app. With SoapBox, teams can: -Collaborate on a shared meeting agenda -Assign next steps and due dates (and increase accountability!) -Access all historical agendas, meeting notes and next steps in one place -Ensure that everyone on the team has the opportunity to contribute and be heard -Browse through multiple team agenda templates via -Receive post-meeting digests of the meeting minutes + next steps that were set And much more! Learn more about how SoapBox can improve team meetings:
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    Easily create forms as beautiful as you

    You might try and build that workflow with Paperform. Very easy to submit the data, then automate follow up emails and stuff like Slack messages.
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    Automated standups for Slack and task trackers

    Srebalaji Thirumalai
    Srebalaji ThirumalaiMade in India. Startup enthusiast. Coder · Written
    If you are using Slack then I think Standuply will be a fit.
    slack are the best!
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    Yelin Lee
    Yelin LeeGlobal Marketing Manager · Written
    collabee is perfect for many different cases and weekly/daily updates definitely one of them. Create a separate collaborative space dedicated to that purpose and share related issues. Anyone who has joined the space can view the weekly or daily updates.
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    Troop Messenger
    This team messaging tool is very simple to understand and easy to use for any novice user. On its every version release, it comes with power-packed feature updates to extensively support the basic chat functionality. Users can access Troop messenger from Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Web, Android and iOS.
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    Keep fast-growing and remote teams on the same page 🙌

    Ryan Le Roux
    Ryan Le RouxCurrently building Carrot. · Written
    Ryan Le Roux made this product
    👋Hey Pascal - that's a core component to the tool we're building right now called Carrot. I'd love to sync up and show you what's coming next.
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    Powerful meeting app for remote and distributed teams

    Best Tool ever, to facilitate a real *conversation* instead of just some tickets.
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    Standup Bot

    Automated standups for Slack channels

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    This did the job for us
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    Nifty Project Management

    All-in-One Project Management Workspace.

    Shiv Kapoor
    Shiv KapoorFounder & CEO, Nifty · Written
    Nifty centralizes project communication, planning, and tracking with a bird’s-eye view across all of your projects and teammate workloads. Imagine Asana, Slack, & Trello in one truly collaborative workspace -- it's like having 3 extra hours in a day!
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    Meeting agendas, action items, & feedback– all in one place!

    Manuela Bárcenas
    Manuela BárcenasHead of Marketing @ · Written
    Manuela Bárcenas made this product
    At, we use our own tool to write a weekly update every Friday :) We have a recurring note in where each department gets its own header and adds important news and updates. On Monday morning, our CEO uses the "send notes" feature in to send the updates to everyone in the company. This strategy has worked extremely well for us to keep everyone in the company up to date on the latest happenings!
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    The work management platform for teams

    Shamit Khemka
    Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    Asana is a simple yet highly-effective task management tool for any team size. You can easily assign work, split tasks into subtasks, check task status, eliminate roadblocks, hit deadlines and do much more.
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    Marvin Simon
    Marvin SimonSoftware designer · Written
    Has a great timeline feature so teams can keep track of what each others are doing.
    Marvin Simon
    Marvin SimonSoftware designer · Written
    Works perfectly to keep teams in sync.
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    Software For Projects

    Every task & project management software tool in one place

    Rich Peterson
    Rich PetersonBusiness Growth Agency · Written
    Rich Peterson made this product
    Plenty of options for weekly updates!
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    What Got Done

    The simple, lightweight alternative to team status meetings.

    Michael Lynch
    Michael LynchFounder and Developer · Written
    Michael Lynch made this product
    That's an exact description of my tool, What Got Done. It's free to try the weekly updates, and you can get the email digests in the Pro version.
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    Stay aligned, work together, work better

    Timoté Geimer
    Timoté GeimerHead of Product & Marketing · Written
    Achieved focus on three fundamental & complementary pillars: - 👋 Daily check-in Let anyone in your organisation give the ideal level of detail on their daily activities to build awareness, trust and transparency. - 🎯 Objective tracking (OKR) Help you keep everyone aligned by sharing the same objectives. Help them go the extra mile and easily link their daily actions and longer-term objectives. - 📢 Announcements Achievements deserve to be shared and celebrated. Allow all members of your organization to share their successes with colleagues.
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    TickTick 6.0

    Not only efficient, but also more personalized than ever

    TickTick allows you to set recurring tasks and collaborate with your team under the same project. If you use TickTick to manage your tasks/ projects, it also has a function to get a Summary the weekly/daily updates. Saves a lot of efforts in writing the updates from scratch. Worth a try!
  19. 2 is the multipurpose tool serving as a team collaboration and video conferencing tool. You don't need to download anything to your system to run a good internet connection is more than enough.
    eva George
    eva Georgedigital marketer · Written
    uShare is a device compatible remote communication software that requires no setup at all. Just a stable internet connection would be enough. uShare gives you a more organized team collaboration experience. With uShare, you can create dedicated chat rooms for respective teams. Furthermore, you can manage collaborations with teams, clients, and partners without having to create multiple chat rooms
    eva George
    eva Georgedigital marketer · Written
    Remote Patient Monitoring also knowns as RMP means Patients can consult their doctor while staying at their place, enables medical practitioners to remotely monitor patients’ health and make a diagnosis. RPM moves beyond the boundaries of a clinical setting as the presence of the patient and health practitioner in the same physical space is no longer required.
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    Weekly employee progress report for managers

    There are a lot of apps and services designed for project management and very many different purposes that end up being adapted as such. Bottom line is: the benefits of using an application purposefully designed to achieve a specific thing outweighs all crafty and ‘ingenious’ adaptations. After all your research is done, I’d still recommend you Weekdone. It will make your life as a manager easier, do the heavy lifting of sending and collating updating information from each team and also create the necessary engagement platform for you to interact with individuals and groups. It reports well. It records well. It works well. The rest is on you. Good luck. Disclaimer: I don’t work with/for and neither I am an investor at Weekdone. It’s just a good tool that deserves its highlight.