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Krishna Prahasith
Krishna PrahasithCo-Founder & CTO @Tabiko ; BITSian

What is that "new" app that you are using and are happy with but not many know about yet?

Is there an app you use very often but most likely not by people around you because it's not popular yet. Games don't count.
4 recommended
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    Delta for Desktop

    An extension to the best crypto portfolio tracker on mobile.

    Tdev ยท Written
    It was a love at first sight :)
  2. 1
    James Cicenia
    James Ciceniadeveloper cio startups ยท Written
    James Cicenia made this product
    Love Crypto Currencies and this one is simple, complete and fun too.
  3. 1
    Jeremy Peng
    Jeremy PengProduct Manager. Love cryptocurrency ยท Written
    This app is awesome for tracking the price and record my portfolio without entering anything!
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    Crypto Central

    Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker ๐Ÿ’ธ

    Vincent Tellier
    Vincent TellierCrypto Central maker ยท Written
    Vincent Tellier made this product
    We've been building Crypto Central to enhance your portfolio with a nice UX/UI and cool features. Maybe the best app to manage your cryptos, don't you think? ๐Ÿ’ช