Adam KazwellProduct manager/observer

Now that iOS 11 is out, what is the coolest AR app that's available to download?

Looking for AR apps that are live in the App Store, not just prototypes.
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    AR MeasureKit app for iOS 11

    Whatever you want to measure, we have a tool for that

    Mike Coutermarsh76Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub · Written
    Also - excited to try this one.
    Adrian KwiatkowskiAdrian Kwiatkowski · Written
    I've been working for this app when iOS 11 wasn't even out and man, it's amazing.
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    Use AR to create floor plans in a snap

    Adam KazwellProduct manager/observer · Written
    A bit more functionality than just another ruler app.
  3. 8
    Figment AR

    Turn your world into an augmented funhouse

    Danny MoonCEO, Viro Media · Written
    Danny Moon made this product
    Fun AR app that lets you create imaginative scenes in your world. You can place emoji, animals and other playful objects around you, create “portals” to step into other dimensions, and add effects like snow, fireworks and more.
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    The ultimate augmented reality measuring toolkit

    Adam KazwellProduct manager/observer · Written
    Fun AR demo - to measure the distance between any two points in 3D space
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    Dance Reality

    Dance practice in augmented reality

    Andy AlbaniDeveloper, @dancerealityapp · Written
    Andy Albani made this product
    A fun and educational app
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    Magic Sudoku - ARkit

    Solve sudoku puzzles like magic with the power of AR

    Adam KazwellProduct manager/observer · Written
    A hint of AR experiences to come - "see" things with an AR powered lens
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    Your words in Augmented Reality

    Niv Dror15VC at Shrug Capital · Written
    Fun app :)
  8. Mike Coutermarsh76Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub · Written
    Their newest app allows you to preview furniture in your space. iOS 11 only. Makes a lot of sense & I'm impressed they moved so quickly on this one.
    Dennis B. KeohaneThis, that, and the other thing · Written
    This app has been in development for a while now, with some of Boston's top AR devs working to bring Wayfair's product into your living space. It was amazing when I saw it last year and has only improved since.
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    GIPHY World

    Communicate in AR with GIFs and stickers

    Jack Dweck20Product Manager at Rakuten · Written
    A really fun app that lets you place quirky GIFs and stickers over the real world
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    World Brush

    AR app where you paint on the real world for others to find

    Adam KazwellProduct manager/observer · Written
    Fun drawing app that saves your art in their virtual world
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    Smartphone laser tag

    Thomas SuarezAugmented Reality / 3D Printing · Written
    Thomas Suarez made this product
    WiTag is smartphone laser tag, and now has pinpoint accuracy with ARKit!
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    Measure everything with ARKit on your iOS 11 device.

    Patrick BalestraPatrick Balestra · Written
    Patrick Balestra made this product
    The best AR ruler app.
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    AR Tool Belt

    A set of augmented-reality handyman tools (for iOS 11)

    Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)7Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt · Written
    This looks like a super handy tool for using around the home. I like that they plan to add a new tool each month as well.
  14. Simple RC Airplane in AR -- AR Airplanes from @JelmerVerhoog
  15. Useful one! Lets you visualize and measure custom packaging designed in web app, without the need of ordering samples and waiting for the delivery
  16. Chris McGrathOwner, ZenamTech · Written
    This is very very cute (so far)
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    Topology Eyewear

    Custom-fit glasses– sized by a 3D face scan, from any iPhone

    Chris GuestCMO & Head of Growth @ Topology · Written
    Chris Guest made this product
    Topology uses AR to solve a problem that approximately 50% of the population experiences - finding a pair of glasses that actually fit! Topology uses computer vision to build a 3D model of your face from a simple selfie (from any iPhone), then uses AR to visualize custom eyewear, sized and shaped for you. One of the biggest barriers for custom eyewear has always been the difficulty of previewing the custom product before it is made, so in this case, the AR bridges that gap, so the customer knows exactly what they are getting.
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    Measure in augmented reality.

    Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)7Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt · Edited
    Not tried this one out yet but looks perfect for getting accurate idea of what an object will look once in your house. It's so easy to assume things will be too big /small even when you have the measurements. Wish these apps had been around when I moved house last year!
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    Our SolAR

    Visualize our Solar System in augmented reality 🌌

    Niv Dror15VC at Shrug Capital · Written
    I love space/astronomy, this app lets you visualize the solar system in the real-world. Built by a 17 year old maker! @amitnkalra
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    AR toybox for your home

    Adam KazwellProduct manager/observer · Written
    Fun way to place furniture around a room...don't miss disaster mode