Most startups fail, how can I succeed in my startup?

I'm launching a new company & would love your advice about how to best set myself up for success. So many companies fail every day - are there any processes or frameworks I can work through, or lessons I can follow to minimize my own chances of failure?
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@miguelhammond10 I have just launched a new product (Firemole) on the market and had spent months beforehand validating the idea and speaking with potential customers. I was an electrician and thought of a simple solution to try and prevent fires and I went speaking with the people who are on the ground encountering these issues every day; firemen, electricians and people affected by the problem. A few key things to remember: 1) Don't build the product you want, build the product/service around the problem your market research has highlighted. 2) Stay as lean as possible for as long as possible. 3) Get an MVP out as soon as possible. 4) All of what @srebalaji said. Good luck:) Sean
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@miguelhammond10 @srebalaji @sean_o_tuama want to reiterate a bit more on the lean part: being lean and not spending all of the budgets right away is key for a startup. You will experience a situation where the problem you were trying to solve is more important for a different customer and use case. You want to control your burn rate to be able to pivot and make the changes that will bring your product to the top. If you understand the right solution too far down the road you might get no resources left to repurpose your business.
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@miguelhammond10 check this out... one single biggest reason why startups fail... My advice... be profitable from day one.... make a b2b app rather than 2 market app like uber... avoid VC funding like you avoid Justin Beiber songs...
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@miguelhammond10 @zaheerbaloch cannot agree more. I believe that for B2B products you can achieve all the traits mentioned by @srebalaji but fail to become profitable. You want to know who might be willing to pay for your solution, how much the problem costs for the business and whether that fits your pricing strategy.
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@miguelhammond10 Most startups fail because of the following reasons 1. No product-market fit. Startups build product that no one needs 2. Not enough big market to make the product profitable. 3. Fail to find the best way to reach customers. Or not experimenting with marketing channels. 4. Not recruiting right 5. Not having enough passion for startup 6. Fail to have longtime vision. 7. Crappy product. 8. Not enough traction. Try to avoid these mistakes. I think you have probably heard of books like "The Lean Startup", "Innovators Dilemma". Try to follow these books as much as possible. Most important part of a startup is to validate the product before launching. Most startups fail in this phase. Try to avoid this. All the best for your venture
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@miguelhammond10, Let me chip in with a simple one. Make sure your target market is WILLING and is ABLE to pay for your product/service. All the tests and validations are important, but at the end of the day, if your perfect customer cannot -or is not willing- to pay for're done. Find this one early. Good luck, stay safe, and lots of success!
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@miguelhammond10 I wrote this article for Forbes on the lessons I learnt - - hope it helps!
try gathering money and go higher and higher and buy a company
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@miguelhammond10 the odd answers is that... no process, no frameworks worked for me. I tried almost everything that has been told in books. the context is highly varying from one startup to another startup - say (the customer base, your idea, country/location, mentors/investors etc). may be, you have to draw your own art. I think, No startup/idea is a failure, only the person(s) who tried the idea did not make money.
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@miguelhammond10 Among many, one of the reasons startups fail is that they do not pay much attention to agreement building and documentation. Keep a good practice of documentation. You may use Doctual for free signing, tagging and creating contracts.
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