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What's the best product backlog tool to use?

Ideally the tool should be able to support various product backlogs and ways to link items between different backlogs. It should also be easy to sort the backlog using various matching criteria
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    productboard 2.0

    The product management tool for makers who care.

    Winston19Make excellent products w/ @productboard · Written
    Winston made this product
    It's the product management solution of choice at renowned companies like Zendesk and Invision. Consolidate user inputs, prioritize what to build next, validate feature ideas with users, and share your roadmap.
    • Kate Pljaskovova
      Kate PljaskovovaCo-founder & CPO

      We've been using productboard to build our MVP and it helped us to get everybody on the team on board with what we're building and kept us focused. I love that productboard helped us also gather feedback from different sources (Intercom, emails and various conversations) so now we're processing the user feedback and planning our next product improvements - all in one tool. That's just the best!

    • Productboard led to the death of spreadsheets and emails at our company when it came to product management. I've become a true fan of this solution and the great way it solves such a painful problem. Before adopting we played with Aha! who are a competitor, Productboard blew them out the water as far as I am concerned. Love it.

  2. This tool will perfectly suit your needs to add backlogs and manage them
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    The World's #1 Product Roadmap Software

    Also, you can try to use AHA. Add your backlogs and manage them