What mac app should I use to organize all my screenshots?

I take a bunch of screenshots and right now it just dumps to my desktop and I want a better way to organize and tag to review later. What should I use?
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    Pixave 2.0

    The ultimate image organizer for the Mac.

    Chris Messina
    Chris Messina11Product designer & entrepreneur Β· Written
    I used to use LittleSnapper, then Ember, but I've totally switched to Pixave. It's not perfect, but it's close.
    • Leonardo Pinheiro
      Leonardo PinheiroA user of multiple apps

      this software used to work pretty well, sometimes it would hang on a process for a while, but it would work. Since the last OSX update, this app is useless, it crashes everytime you try to import an icon or use an icon.

      I wrote to the developer a couple times in the last 30 days or so, he never answered, so I guess this app is dead.

      Find another option and make better use of your money.

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    • I used to use Pixave too, but now I use Eagle.


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  2. Sam Bible
    Sam BibleApp Aficionado Β· Written
    I have made my way through the same tools over the years that @chrismessna mentioned: LittleSnapper, Ember, Pixave. I would describe Eagle as Pixave 3.0. Lots of improvements that seem small but add up to a much nicer experience. Cleaner UI, more flexible and faster Chrome import options, optional Pinterest-style grid layout, etc.
  3. Patrick Frank
    Patrick FrankPrincipal, Patchbay Media Β· Written
    Dropbox gets you halfway there. Take a screenshot and Dropbox will automatically generate a link and save to save to Screenshots folder. From there you could use Mac Finder tags?
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    The simplest way to organize and manage mobile screenshots.

    Adam Kazwell
    Adam KazwellProduct manager/observer Β· Written
    Great for organizing screenshots taken with your phone
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    Explore, discover and organize your digital inspirations

    junjie shao
    junjie shaoreferences.design Β· Written
    junjie shao made this product
    References.Design not only just saves and organizes your images, it also provides features like"inspire me" to help rediscovering your contents.