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What’s the best place to find investors for your startup?

I'm looking for the easiest way to find investors for a startup or a small business.
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    Invest in startups online

    Duane Wilson✌️Product & Engineering @DeltaHandPies · Written
    Only really good if you have great traction behind you, or you are "somebody" (i.e. founded something else big and exited, or know one of the '~top 10 super angels' and they get you into their syndicate... Likelihood of being discovered organically is slim IMHO - your mileage may vary
    Abdussami TayyabTogetherness Specialist, Camaradly · Written
    I have used this for finding investors, their filters are really helpful, like on this page https://angel.co/people/all Definitely worth using.
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    Global platform for the sourcing of early-stage investments

    Duane Wilson✌️Product & Engineering @DeltaHandPies · Written
    While this has been around for a long time and AngelList fixes many of Gust's issues it's still used as an 'application process' by a bunch of angel groups and could be a better list of them other than going directly to someone like the ACA https://www.angelcapitalassociat... You can also find some university programs that have funds/networks for their alumni and business programs here.
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    The world's largest Startup Launch Platform

    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Startups.co is a good place to find investors as its a huge network of people in the startup industry. Alternatively, you can cold reach out to investors via LinkedIn, check funded.com or the angel list directory for angel investors. Some of my recs :)
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    Connecting the tech scene through data

    Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~Building code for Food Tech projects · Written
    It's a good place to find a VC
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    Twitter for Mac 4.0

    Twitter's official Mac app with a fresh new look and feel

    Laura RoederFounder, Paperbell & MeetEdgar · Written
    Twitter is still an amazing way to network, start chatting regularly on twitter then move the conversation offline
  6. Bailan XieIfun Pocket Cinema · Written
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