Andrea Boi
Andrea BoiDesigner at Elpis Investments

What is the best contact manager for Mac?

I'm looking for an app to manager contacts and find them quickly with some feature like tags.
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    The next generation contact manager

    Jonathan Costet
    Jonathan Costet3Head of Marketing · Written
    Jonathan Costet made this product
    The best I've found, and I've tested A LOT. Folk is perfect for easily importing contacts from multiple sources, tagging and creating simple flows, as well as setting reminders. It actually does a lot of the work for you, which is nice: automatic enrichment, smart reminders, algorythmic scoring, etc... We started using it recently in our team, and even the collaboration feels easy and efficient. Highly recommend.
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    • Jonathan Costet
      Jonathan CostetHead of Marketing

      I've been using Folk in private beta for some time, and I'm glad I can finally tell the world how much of a game-changer it has been for me! Folk saves me a HUGE amount of time: it keeps all my contacts from multiple sources in one place, it automatically deduplicates/enriches/adds email threads to contacts, AND it acts like a CRM but for my network. I had tested many options before, so I'm relieved I won't have to switch tools back-and-forth anymore!

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    • David Ryan
      David RyanCreator of Corilla.

      New product that instantly made me smile. It fits in between the virtually useless contacts list in Gmail and the distant-feeling CRM in the cloud. Using it made me realise this happy medium of Folk is much quicker for the kind of contact management and outreach most relevant for our company. Plus the overall UX and beautiful UI run rings around the majority of CRMs and contact managers out there.

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    A OS X contacts manager that's faster and more efficient

    Naveed Shah
    Naveed ShahHunter of Products · Written
    Hands down the best contact manager out there. I love it because you can see emails and iMessages related to the contact, and if you've got BusyCal, too, then you can see events as well. Worth every penny of the price tag.
    Nicolet Groen
    Nicolet GroenInterior & Lifestyle Photographer · Written
    Yes, it is perfect when you combine it with Busycal!
    • Bernhard Huessy
      Bernhard Huessysustainability is a longterm gig

      amazing, and it syncs without the Apple OSX pref.pan magic, so you can add the contact sync accounts (supporting all of them O365, G, GS, etc.) directly on app level - much much much more transparent and standalone. I just tried to upload some pics, but it did not work somehow;

  3. 1. Import contacts from CSV, vCard 2. Sync contacts from Google, Exchange, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 2. Support to view, add, edit, group, tag, and manage contacts. 3. Delete all the duplicate contacts and fix errors. 4. Export contacts to CSV, TXT, Docx, HTML, Numbers, Pages, etc.
    Can quickly edit contacts and find contact via tags. also can help to find all the contacts that in duplicates or other problems.
    It is pretty good at UI. It has a nice easy to navigate user interface that works like a charm so that you can hop and hover over things quick. It is a pretty contact management software for mac.
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    The Mac contacts app you'll want to use.

    Nicholas Milot
    Nicholas MilotEntrepreneur//Cybersecurity🚀 · Written
    Fast, Simple and Beautiful
    • James Gill
      James GillCEO, GoSquared

      If you like Fantastical, this is the Contacts app for you. Beautiful app that's already saved me a bunch of time.