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Best service to digitize photo albums?

I'm looking for the best service that I can send in physical photo albums/books and turn them digital for me. Some of these are 70+ years old... and extremely important to me/my family. I need a reputable source that will take care of them, scan them and return them to me with the least hassle possible. Ideally they will also do some kind of organization (like keeping the pics together based on which book they came from). If they could also digitize VHS tapes, that'd be cool too... but that might need to be a different question.
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    Anshuman Chadda
    Anshuman ChaddaMD MPH; Physician Entrepreneur · Written
    DIY way to digitize old photos. I would recommend you use a really HQ camera and spend a couple of hours getting these photos digitized. Google Photos is Legit if you haven't realized yet. For individual photos, I would recommend using one off services like Upwork or Fiverr.
    Product Pearson
    Product PearsonProduct Manager @ Property4Media · Written
    Really good app. Scans well and doesn't have the flash/glare issue that other apps seems to due to an algorithm that removes it. It's clever, but takes time if you have lots and lots of photos.
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    Austin Sandmeyer
    Austin SandmeyerThinker/Student/Rockstar · Written
    I'd recommend PhotoScan too... Will take you time but you have no worries around losing them along the way.