What is the best small business CRM and email tracking system?

I'm looking for an inexpensive CRM and email tracking system for gmail to manage influencer and brand partnership deals and overall communications. Thanks
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    Salesflare CRM

    Simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B

    If you need a simple CRM that does the work for you, I can suggest Salesflare. It combines visual pipeline management, integrates with your email (picking your contacts so you do not have to enter them in your CRM) and very flexible reporting insights (per funnel, historical!)
    Sunil Neurgaonkar
    Sunil Neurgaonkar10Genius-Nerd-Entrepreneur-Philanthropist Β· Written
    Yeah, Salesflare is best for Small size as well as Mid size organizations. Pretty simple to use and a very awesome UX. Have all the tools that you need. Plus, their team is very friendly and helpful. They will be there to help you, always. πŸ™Œ
    Abhilash Jain
    Abhilash Jain5Product Marketing / Growth Β· Written
    Salesflare is your go to solution. Simple, beautiful and gets work done without any hassle.
    • I've used so many CRMs in the past, and have also looked at lots of others too. I was first attracted to Salesflare by the clean design and ease of use, but then was very impressed with just how powerful it is. It integrates so well with Gmail, that it just became a natural extension of how I work. Also the developers have been offering great support too. I highly recommend Salesflare.

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    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @ pickSaaS.com

      Love the way Salesflare automates your daily work with the CRM, it's really comfortable and saves a lot of time, at the same time providing all the most important CRM functionalities.

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  2. Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh Rasakatla18Sr. Digital Marketer Β· Written
    In the latest G2Crowd Summer 2018 Rankings, Agile CRM has been rated as the best All-in-One CRM for small businesses. With its email tracking feature, you can know the number of emails sent, emails opened, clicks, unsubscriptions, hard bounces, soft bounces, and spam complaints too!
    Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh Rasakatla18Sr. Digital Marketer Β· Written
    This tool has been rated as the best All-in-One CRM for small businesses by G2Crowd in its Summer 2018 Rankings. With it, you can track email clicks, open rates, perform lead scoring and segmentation, gain email campaign analytics, execute A/B testing and set autoresponders too. Here is the link to its email tracking page: https://www.agilecrm.com/email-t...
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    The powerful CRM that lets you sell from Gmail

    I switched over to Propeller from another Gmail add-on. I think the price point and features are perfect for managing different pipelines like influencer outreach and sales
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    CRM in your inbox - for Gmail

    James Welch
    James Welch5CEO @ innovationcompany.co.uk Β· Written
    I've been using Streak for around 3 months and it's so nice not having to have yet another app to login to - it fits right into gmail and has some of the best CRM features around - the pipelines part is excellent.
    • Jonathan Knegtel
      Jonathan KnegtelBuilding blockdata.tech

      I've used Streak for + 3 years and has always been my go to. I've set it up for clients for sales, project management and my personal inbox.

      Support is always willing to help and once you think you have mastered it, there is another hidden feature. (formulas in a CRM anyone?)

      Make sure to hold an onboarding session for your team and commit, it will pay off.

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    • Robert Stojnic
      Robert StojnicCTO, Factmata

      Indispensable for managing hires and pipelines, been using it every day for months. However, it frequently takes a couple of seconds to load, and can take longer to retrieve old emails assigned to a box.

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  5. Vinayak Ranade
    Vinayak RanadeCEO at Drafted Β· Written
    I don't use Prosperworks but wish I did. If you're the kind of person that just wants a little bit more on top of Gmail + Gdrive, it's a good option.
  6. Florian Bersier
    Florian BersierFounder, CEO @Gmelius Β· Written
    Gmelius could be a cost-effective option. We offer unlimited email tracking for free, plus a complete suite of productivity tools: notes, follow-ups, to-dos. Feel free to give us a spin!
  7. I use Highrise and would be happy to recommend it.
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    Freshsales CRM

    A full-fledged CRM for high-velocity sales teams.

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc Β· Written
    I'd suggest giving Freshsales a spin. Freshsales is a feature-packed, cost-effective CRM that is built from ground-up for high-velocity sales teams. It comes with a built-in phone, email, lead scoring and event tracking. It even comes with a lifetime free plan for up to 10 users. It has a free 30-day trial too!
    • Steven Hambleton
      Steven HambletonFounder, Emailancer

      I used Pipedrive for a while but Freshsales is so much faster and the user interface, automations and built in email tracking meant I could retire a few other products.

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