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ShardulCreator Ops @ Public

What's the best tool to load test my app?

Looking for something that is free to use and can scale to the millions.
6 recommended
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    Monkey Test It

    Automated website testing by clever monkeys 🐡

    Get monkeys do do it for you πŸ˜› They allow you to do a free test or you can pay to have more monkeys testing your website at once (but at the moment everything's free)!
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    Postman is a powerful HTTP client to test REST API

    YannProduct Enthusiast Β· Written
    Postman can help you to (lightly) load test your API for free πŸ˜‰
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    Automated API Testing and Monitoring

    YannProduct Enthusiast Β· Written
    Not exactly load testing per-se, but still an interesting solution for API testing!
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    Load Impact

    On Demand Load Testing

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale Β· Written
    This is #1 in my opinion. You can record real user scenarios, then run them as percentages of your load test. Example - if you have an ecommerce site, you could simulate 5% of traffic checking out and 95% of traffic viewing product pages. It gets pricy though, so this is best option if you have some budget to spend on testing.
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    Performance testing on websites, web apps & REST APIs

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale Β· Written
    This is my 2nd favorite load testing tool. A bit more basic than Load Impact. But super easy to use and very cost effective. You can customize the types of requests it makes / store reports / rerun old tests. If you're just getting started with load testing, I usually recommend Blitz first.
  6. Pepe CanoBuilding k6 Β· Written
    Pepe Cano made this product
    k6 is a free and open-source load testing tool built for developer happiness.