Rajiv Hirur
Rajiv HirurProduct architect @ Bitmotion.bike

What is the best bike accessory for leisure cyclists?

I'm looking for products featured on Product Hunt, no bike computers, but something that completely adds value to a city commuter/leisure cyclist.
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  1. 10

    The collapsible bicycle helmet

    From what I have seen the collapsible bike helmet looks really useful
    It's so cool I like it. I'm don't like carry helmet, because usual is in knapsack so big.
  2. 9

    Automatically log you rides & earn cash when bike commuting

    Jose Díaz
    Jose DíazCo-founder at ByCycling · Written
    Jose Díaz made this product
    @rajiv_hirur Maybe you want to log your rides automatically without pressing buttons and without worrying about draining your battery life?
  3. 1

    The universal smartphone mount for every bike

    Matthias Esterl
    Matthias EsterlWeb/Interactive Developer, ANIMAL · Written
    What the description says. Designed and produced in Austria, securely mounts your phone on a bike.
  4. Matthias Esterl
    Matthias EsterlWeb/Interactive Developer, ANIMAL · Written
    Magnetic, battery free bike lights from Denmark.