What tool can create reports directly from SQL database?

Looking for an easy and highly visual way of creating custom reports / dashboards directly from SQL database.
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    Mode Analytics

    Tools to connect data and the people who analyze it.

    Mode is pretty straight forward, easy to use, and simple to hook up to existing SQL databases. Mode makes it pretty easy to create reports and charts on the fly.
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    Open source business intelligence - Installs in 5 minutes

    Robert van Hoesel
    Robert van HoeselCo-founder Crowded · Written
    This is a great tool than can run as a mac app locally, or can be installed on your computer. It has a great visual editor to make queries, as well as dashboards, notifications to slack/email and even embeddable charts. Bonus: It's completely free.
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    Visualize and explore your data

    Jason Dainter
    Jason DainterInternational doer of things · Written
    Is easy and advanced.
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