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What are your favorite newsletter in general?

I follow Hiten Shah, Andrew Chen, Product Manager HQ and they are very interesting.
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  1. curated freelance/independent work gigs with a dose of sarcasm and humor. super funny read, even if you're not actively looking for a new gig. definitely wins an award for amazing copy + readability!
  2. John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    My go to newsletter read every morning! Fun to read quick digest about the latest in tech and business.
    Hilarious and informative. Good story collection for the most part, and even if its content you don't care about the write-ups are fun and sometimes punny. :)
  3. A very informative daily newsletter covering the essential business and tech news of the day. Unique, easy-to-read tone and a great design. It's burgeoning insider group is also great place to spark discussions, be part of a community, and even find gigs!
    The Brew provides a comprehensive and informative analysis of what is happening. The key differentiator for me, is their colloquial language and ability to also break down the how and the why in an approachable way. This is great for those involved in the business world and as well as those working in other fields.
    Let's think about the essentials to a good newsletter- Creative Subject Lines ☑️ , tailored to a knowledgeable audience ☑️, frequent updates/communication ☑️, educational content ☑️, a user friendly layout ☑️, Personality ☑️, integration ☑️, conversational ☑️. MB is quite simply the best on the marketplace
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    Daily email analysis on tech biz and strategy

    Thomas LeitermannProduct Manager, inovex · Written
    Best opinionated tech newsletter there is, hands down!
  5. Thomas LeitermannProduct Manager, inovex · Written
    Best overview of recent developments in technology - great links to blog posts and Ben's always insightful take on the tech news of the last week. I read basically every single link in this newsletter.
    One of the sharpest minds in the digital space, and a good writer, to boot.
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    A curated directory of the best newsletters

    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    Check out Newsletter Stash. They have a collection of some of the best newsletters out there!
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    Financial news explained in 3 minutes in a daily e-mail

    Lisa SivaFounder at Samwise · Written
    Some great conversation starters for the water cooler. Also, if you invest at all, it's dead useful and never pandering. Great taste in newsletters, BTW - Hiten and Andrew Chen are both fabulous.
  8. ZHAO ZikeGithub: · Written
    Well, I have personally collect the blogs I really enjoy, and use simple statistcs with Pocket data for some filtering. Not sure if this can be helpful to you. I also include the list I subscribe, at
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    Series F

    Weekly newsletter on the future of Venture Capital

    Brett LindenbergFounder & CEO, Mindstamp 🎉 · Written
    Series F is always a welcome inbox present on Sunday mornings. If you're interested in the venture capital landscape, you will appreciate the quality mix of links + short commentary that @neilswmurray puts together each week.
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    Worth your attention

    Thomas LeitermannProduct Manager, inovex · Written
    Found it on Producthunt and really like there daily newsletter with the best articles - always find 1 or 2 of the 6 (nice amount) that I then read in detail
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    Product Design Weekly

    Digital product design newsletter

    Darshan GajaraProduct Designer & Maker · Written
    Nice and clean curation of meaningful articles on product design.
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    Discover by Revue

    A directory of personal newsletters

    Martijn de Kuijper made this product
    You can find a lot of interesting newsletters at Discover! We categorized them so you can easily browse them.
  13. Great newsletter by MG Siegler. In his own words, he is using his newsletter for thoughts longer than 140 characters, otherwise it would be on Twitter, and on thoughts shorter than 500 words otherwise he would write a blogpost about it. It’s very interesting that he doesn’t only curate content he finds worth reading, but also includes important quotes and his personal opinions about certain subjects right inside the newsletter.
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    The Effective Engineer

    Deliver significantly more value with fewer hours of work

    Very informative newsletter for software engineers.
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    The Journal, Issue #1 - by Kevin Rose

    Monthly newsletter w/ products reviews, podcasts, articles

    joshua bradleyPassionate about making life better · Written
    Well thought out, spans everything from tech to health and biohacking. Only 1 p/mo. Solid.