What is your favorite audio recording app that also has tagging features

I am looking for an app that let's you go to a specific time in the audio based on text tags. Beautiful UI is a major factor
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    Cassette 2.0

    Record, transcribe & search user interviews, meetings, calls

    Gavin Jones
    Gavin JonesFounder, Elixel · Written
    I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, however, it looks like a great platform that does exactly what you are looking for.
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    • Dan Kaplan
      Dan KaplanI craft stories that break through.

      The idea was compelling, so I downloaded the app. I thought the subscription model made no sense, but I wanted to try the product, so I paid for the basic $10/month plan.

      The promised "import audio" from another app feature? Nowhere to be found.

      I emailed the company asking if I was missing something, and got no response.

      Then I checked the App Store to see if other people were having similarly terrible experiences and...the app is no longer in the store.

      I cancel my subscription, then follow up and ask for an explanation and a refund.

      That was over a month ago. I've since heard nothing.

      Chargeback time.

    • Rangga Wiseno
      Rangga WisenoProduct Manager, DANA Indonesia

      I downloaded cassette 2 months ago and actually the result kind of surprised me since it's better than other Note-taking app, I'd say 50-70% audio recorded successfully translated if it's in English.

      When I tested it out, I need additional hours so I decided to upgrade my subscription. But later on, since my meeting mostly in Indonesian (Bahasa), not only in English, I wasn't using it frequently and decided to remove all my record/notes and remove the app.

      The first month came my bill for subscription and I thought it's okay.

      Second month, they also charged my bill.

      This is ridiculous, why do they charge User for subscription even though there's no data stored/no activity at all within the app? Why not trying to detect Users who are dormant?

      I can understand for my 1st month bill, but the 2nd bill kinda make me furious.

      But that not the worst.

      When I tried to download the app again, I cannot find unsubscribe feature.

      I can only find downgrade option, which is not very clear to me whether I won't get charged for this or still charged for lower fee (downgrade membership).

      I tried to open my Credit Card and guess what? They didn't provide option for me to remove my Credit Card data.

      User should have an ability to manage their data, especially when it's a financial stuff. Why they didn't try to use iTunes Subscription instead? Isn't Apple limited other apps to use iTunes payment for Digital Goods/Service?

      I've tried to asked them on Intercomm, but got no reply for more than 1 week.

      It seems the founder is more interested on replying the comment on Producthunt rather than replying their customer's problem.