Thuy KobeFounder, UX & Growth Strategist

What are best tools to create online course?

There's a lot of online course hub where you can just post videos and notes there as a course seller like Udemy or the like. I'm however looking for cool tools for independent course maker/owner to design an online course - any step of the process, from materials design to website template to marketing white papers etc on how to build an independent course professionally - hope Im lucky to meet also online course makers here who come across best tools to share with the rest of us here!
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    Create and sell online courses on your own website

    Very easy, reasonable pricing.
  2. FerminRP4Growth Hacker · Written
    Really easy to use and many people are already using Udemy for other courses, so they already have an account and know how it works.
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    Digital learning that actually teaches students something

    Hi Thuy! We would love to be included in the mix here too :). Eduflow is a tool to make online courses that engage your learners more. We love to see people create courses that go beyond just a list of videos. Eduflow has a free plan that you should be able to get far with.
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    Tinycards by Duolingo

    The future of learning with flashcards, by Duolingo

    Aaron DeYonkerFrom consumer products to envirotech. · Written
    For really simple, effective tools for teaching, using Duolingo’s algorithm for language learning for any subject of your choice has been very effective and accessible for folks. It’s very fun too! Only problem is that you have to open them to the world if you want to share - if you’re worried about that. (I’m not because you have access to 1000s of decks already). It takes minutes to create a flash card deck and it’s presentation is managed by their algorithm for repeating or asking question in a different way.