What software can I use to paste pre-saved text from keyboard commands?

I found out about quicktextpaste, but don't feel comfortable with it. Any other recommendations?
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    Type faster using abbreviations for common phrases

    Unlike Alfred, this _just_ does snippets, nothing else.
    • David Bograd
      David BogradFounder, Bograd Design

      I've used this app a lot when I was working in customer support, and often time miss it when I have to write my email (or anything repetative actually). I will download it again and get back to using it!

      Great that PH also surfaces "older" products.

    • Mikael Vinding
      Mikael VindingCTO, AP Technology

      aText is great. Make shortcuts like @@ for your email address, @ $ for work email etc. Things you type a lot like addresses, phone numbers, greetings and so on. If you moderate a forum or group this is a godsend as wel.

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    Alfred Remote

    Supercharged remote control for your Mac (iOS)

    Has a built in snippet manager, which works great!
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    Keyboard shortcuts updated across all your devices.

    Alin Vlad
    Alin VladCMO, CyberGhost · Written
    Simple, but works great
    • Matthew Dunn
      Matthew DunnChief Explainer, Say It Visually

      TE is part of my subconscious; hundreds of shortcuts and snippets.

      Logic like "add <-- -->, then put the cursor in the middle" rocks.

      Fortunately, I bought it before it became a subscription.

      At some point, I'll upgrade OS and I suspect I'll be forced into subscribing because of compatibility. I don't begrudge them running a business, but do think an upgrade discount for previously-paid-users would have been good manners. So - product - excellent. Business approach - needs a bit of work.