Dominik Serafin
Dominik SerafinTrying to get out of the bubble.

What's the best online tool to create charts?

I'm looking for something that'll let me quickly create various charts and export them to image (e.g. to post on Twitter). Preferably with clean design and available online.
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    Create beautiful bar charts

    Customisable bar charts
  2. 2

    Beautiful, automatic charts (from Medium)

    Simple tool for charts from Medium.
  3. 2

    Analyze and visualize data, together.

    give it a shot. ive found it to be simple. the feed is a great place for inspiration
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    Amazingly simple graphic design

    Some very simple chart creation here.
    • Overall this tool is amazing for people who want to make quick nice content.

      Their templates are cool for inspiration and makes the whole progress easier.

      I cannot do everything but that's the beauty of it.

    • Kristina Zagorulko
      Kristina ZagorulkoPR at StopAd, app explorer

      I am totally in love with Canva! For me it's the best graphic app I ever work with!

      Simple enough to quickly create pics for Facebook, twitter posts, featured images for my blog and emails. The powerful and full of tools enough to create even an infographic! Guys, you're so awesome, you help me to level up my skills as a content, SMM and PR manager. I don't need to wait for designer. I can create an illustration in 5 min! I work with Canva like 1 year or even more. With free version, but I want to try paid too. Thank you, guys!