Tyler Hayes
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What's the best tool to find a prospect's email address?

We all know emailing someone directly is more likely to get a response than contact forms, and you can't always get an introduction via LinkedIn. There are so many tools that help deduce what someone's work email address is: LeadMine, GetProspect, Rapportive (RIP). Which one produces the best results?
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    Get automated leads from a database of 70 million people 📊

    Slik let's you find anyone's email address by visiting their LinkedIn profile.
    Slik's incredibly powerful - can't recommend it enough!
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    AeroLeads - Email Finder

    Find email addresses of people & phone numbers of businesses

    Shruthi Kini
    Shruthi KiniSales and Marketing professional · Written
    There are many tools that come up with finding the prospects email id but if you are planning to buy a database then quality cannot be assured as most of these data will be stale and outdated but one such tool that stands out in crowd is AeroLeads + AeroMailer, one that helps in finding the prospect's email in real-time and the other to send bulk emails in one shot.
    You might have heard about AeroLeads on every sales tools article you can see AeroLeads listed on it. It is one of the best tools to find the email address of the prospect's and its ability to generate leads from the multiple sites that too in real-time make this tool stand out from the crowd.
    Hi Tyler, So far, I found AeroLeads as one of the best Automation tools to find the email address of prospects. It fetches the email addresses and business phone numbers of prospects in real time. You can operate it on the top LinkedIn, Angellist, CrunchBase, etc. What makes it unique from other sale prospecting tools is that it build the list in real time and verifies all the data before forming the list.
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    Hunter Templates

    Collection of best-performing cold email templates

    Amaël Sikel
    Amaël SikelAndroid developer · Written
    I don't personally work with prospects. But I gave this one a try recently and it worked pretty well.
    find a detailed prospect about the person
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    Free and crowdsourced database of business emails

    Hi Tyler, check out Elucify! Elucify is a free and crowdsourced database of business contact information. It has over 100,000 company profiles and business contact emails. Say you’re looking for someone at Google - just sign up, look up Google and you’ll have a treasure of emails to dig into. Best of all: it’s completely free - as opposed to expensive lead providers with crappy data. Elucify allows for a quick, easy (+ free) way to reach out to prospects without having to spend a dime or spend hours guessing emails.
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    Clearbit Forms

    Data powered web forms designed for conversion

    Ben Lang
    Ben LangCommunity @NotionHQ, angel investor · Written
    I generally use Clearbit's gmail plugin to find emails. The best part is you can look up a domain and see the most popular contacts on the domain, so it's a great way to find out who to email also.
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    Take your Gmail game to the next level

    Allan Caeg
    Allan CaegFounder, NorthStories.io · Written
    Vocus.io includes a way to validate an email address. You can use Hunter.io to get the approximate email address... then just punch the email address into Vocus.io Prospecting to see if you guessed it right.
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    Find anyone's email address in a matter of seconds, for free

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatiadesign @mercury · Written
    I've been using EmailMatcher since it came out on PH. Been finding roughly 80% of the people I want to reach, and the design is simple. Highly recommend it!
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    Chase Benjamin made this product
    Because I built it. Used by companies like Wells Fargo, DOMO, Highspot and more. It's not a bot. It's your next secret weapon.