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Annotate audio recording for interview notes?

I'm looking for a tool that will highlight/ flag snippets of conversation I record. As a design researcher, right now when an interviewee says something I want to quote I write down the time stamp, but finding he exact start and end of tidbits I want to share is hard. Would be nice to be able to just tap a button and have that snippet be saved. Sort of like a dash cam for audio? Would also be awesome for sharing podcast snippets!!
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    Cassette for iOS

    The best way for designers to record & share user interviews

    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    This one is really easy for me. Cassette is definitely my go-to tool for audio recording as a designer. Researching and doing 1-on-1 interviews is really easy. I hardly scribble things down anymore (more sketches if anything) and I can follow up on all the action items by adding a bookmark during the interview. You can pay for the transcription, and be able to search through it. However, the free version gives you a great recording and bookmarking interface to get you going!
    AleksandraProduct Marketing · Written
    Can't agree more!
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    Record and listen to conversations, rants, and audio shows

    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    Bumpers is designed as a tool and social network for creating and sharing audio shows, similar to Anchor, but it might be perfect for your use case. You can visualize and highlight specific moments in the recording, to create a "table of contents"/bookmark you can jump to.
  3. I am part of the development team at EndQuote.net *little disclaimer*. I know for a matter of fact that we have 98% accuracy with the English language. What's cool about our transcription process, is that we let the users choose from multiple different accents from different regions, such as American, British, Australian, Irish, and Canadian. We're working on pushing out more accents and languages. French is another language that we currently support. Our starting rate is 20¢ USD per minute and drops 15¢ for larger workloads. We offer a free 30 minute worth of transcription trial so that you can determine if our service is good enough for you.
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    Anchor 2.0

    Make audio Stories, with voice, music, clips, and call-ins

    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    As far as sharing goes, check out Anchor. You can make your own station and have an interactive podcast with call-ins from your listeners. Your stream stays live for 24 hours, much like Snapchat, but for audio. I love their design and always find great stations to listen to, in addition to creating my own.
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    Transcribe spoken words from your video & audio files

    Harry RaymondProduct guy, Product Hunt NYC · Written
    I've been impressed with Trint. Allows you to transcribe audio to text quickly and affordably.