Gilbert Kumpukwe
Gilbert KumpukweDigital Marketer/Growth at

What tools are available to track product development and new feature additions at different stages?

I'm looking for software tools that lets users track the development and improvements made to my product.
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  1. Paul Shuteyev
    Paul Shuteyev7Experienced Digital Marketer · Written
    Solid Cube could be a good idea - development management tool for software & game developers.
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    Organize anything, together

    Mahesh kumar J
    Mahesh kumar JBuilding · Written
    I've seen quite a few projects using Trello projects to achieve this.
  3. Mahesh kumar J
    Mahesh kumar JBuilding · Written
    I'm using it for my side project and it works great for writing stories, research, planning and overall product/project management. It's not a generic management tool though. There'll be a bit of learning curve if you are new to product management, agile, etc but it'll be worth the effort.
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  4. Anastasiia
    AnastasiiaBusiness Developer · Written
    It is a great tool for planning, and it allows to synchronize projects between devices (macOS/iOS) and share it with all your team. So each one may manage it and add ideas. Also it maybe shared just for viewing.
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