Gian Pepecofounder @jumper_media

What are the coolest Instagram tools?

I have heard of: - Later. Allows you to schedule your Instagram posts when you want. - Quintly. Amazing analytics tool to track engagement and user metrics. - AdCat. Allows you to upload an image and get perfect-sized, up-to-date creatives for Instagram ads. - Iconosquare. Shows your most popular content amongst other user stats. - Crowdfire. Allows you to find the right users on social media to engage with. - Social Rank. Allows you to see which are your most valuable followers. - Repost app. To repost Instagram content. - Hyperlapse. Instagram owned. To film professional time-lapse videos. - Fotor. For photo editing. - Websta. Allows you to browse analytics feed on a desktop. What else is there? What is really really ridiculously awesome?
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    Planable 2.0

    Collaborate on any social content, from anywhere

    Planable is social media content collaboration platform for agencies, freelancers and marketing team. We bring team members and social content on the same page for better, faster brand storytelling. With Planable you can create social media posts, preview exactly how it looks like, exchange feedback, get approval and schedule posts directly to social media.
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    Kickstart your Instagram marketing

    DavisFounder at Flowhance · Written
    Best of the best!
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    Create amazing time lapse videos (by Instagram)

    Gian Pepecofounder @jumper_media · Written
    Awesome time lapse photos
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    Cloud-based app to automate activities on Instagram

    Instavast is a web-based app that provides you with these services: Automatic Following/Unfollowing, Liking, Commenting and Direct messaging: These are usual features you expect of an Instagram bot. But Instavast is up to date on the Instagram API, and as a result, you can follow/like/comment at the maximum possible rate without violating Instagram limitations. Hashtags, Geolocations & Competitors Targetting: Targeting based on the hashtag is a well-known method but maybe you are just interested in attracting people from a specific location, you can use geolocation targeting for that purpose. Also, you can target followers of your competitors. Get in touch with them and let them know and follow you. Scheduled Post: This is one of the most useful features. because all you have to do is uploading, for example, 10 photos and you won’t waste time every day uploading and writing a caption for every picture. You set it up once, and Instavast publishes for you automatically. Smart Hashtag Generator: When you upload your images for post scheduling, our system generates relevant hashtags for your image using the best AI technologies. You can use them in your caption, and post it at the best moment that you want. This feature prevents shadow ban on Instagram. Some of you may know that one of the main reasons for getting shadowbanned is using the same pack of hashtags in almost all the posts. Many Instagrammers who are aware of the merits of hashtags have written their tags in a file and use that data to Copy-Paste for each new post. This is dangerous! This new shadow ban that is implementing by Instagram targeted these kinds of people. Multiple Account Management: There is no limit to add an account on Instavast. It’s handy for people who have many accounts to manage. Free Proxies: Instavast users are provided with up to 150 free proxies (daily updated) to use. Using these proxies guarantees your account safety. Free Customer Support: We guarantee that the software works well and you are happy. 3 Days FREE Trial: Just give our app a try for free. If you were satisfied, and it was what you were looking for, buy activity time and continue. Instavast costs $10/month just like Instagress.
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    Insta report
    Daria ZakharovaI'm in Instagram marketing and analytics · Written
    Snoopreport tracks user actions on Instagram (likes, comments and follows) and provides the data in weekly and monthly individual/group reports. They also contain, liked media tags cloud, user interests data and the user actions hitmap.
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    Influencer Paradise
    Fredrik Gisslén made this product
    This is a great instagram bot to give you more real followers and likes. It automates likes, comments, following and unfollowing and they offer proxy servers for free so you don't get shadow banned.
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    Shirley - Now in Beta!
    Gian Pepecofounder @jumper_media · Written
    Gian Pepe made this product
    Shirley automates a lot of the tedious, manual work of running an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram. A 10x better value than the competition.