What's one app you use a lot, that most people don't know about?

Could be a new product, or one that's been around for a while, but has flown under the radar.
David SpinksCEO, CMX Media · Asked

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Adjusts your computer's display to adapt to the time of day

Ryan Hoover44Founder, Product Hunt · Written
Not sure how well-known f.lux is but it's a must-download for any Mac or Windows user. It automatically dims your computer screen in the evening to avoid eye strain. Try it for a week and you'll wonder how you lived without it. 🌚🌞
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Syed Irfaq R. ⚡️3Founder & CEO, Lukonet · Written
I've been using f.lux for years and have it installed on all my computers/laptops and always recommend it to people. When macOS 10.12.4 released with Night Shift, I tried for a day or two. But wasn't satisfied with it as it wouldn't make the screen warmer like f.lux does and doesn't have App level settings (You can make f.lux automatically disable when you open a particular app) and other excellent features like taskbar icon to disable on-demand / movie mode and stuff. So yeah, f.lux has and will continue to be my fav. Also, there's an excellent write-up about f.lux VS Night Shift. Do read this here: https://forum.justgetflux.com/to...
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James Welch3CEO @ innovationcompany.co.uk · Written
I love when it's flux time and my screens go that beautiful golden color!

Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.

ОleksandraCEO at INKHUNTER · Written
The application fixes the most common mistakes in a very convenient way and shows statistics based on your emails.
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Sunil Neurgaonkar4Genius-Nerd-Entrepreneur-Philanthropist · Written
This is also the app which I would pay for without any regrets.
ronsheridanco-founder, Pree.it · Written
I get more use out of this than I do most any other tool/app. I feel like everyday is a learning experience with Gramercy. My writing has improved and I am paying closer attention to what I write and how. I am still using the free version but I plan to upgrade. OH and the progress reports it sends each week are smart.

Never use your mouse again

Yann3Kin.today co-founder · Written
You never see Alfred but he's always there for you 🙏🏼
David BaruchelCo-Founder, Bridges · Edited
Probably the app I use the most without ever noticing. I recently changed computer and the 10 minutes I spent before installing it again seemed slow and tedious. You quickly get accustomed to using it to search anything on your computer, whether it's launching an app (already open or not), accessing a file, searching on Maps or Google from anywhere. The beauty is it that just typing in the first 2-3 letters, it always shows me what I want. Simply put: Alfred is to Spotlight what Google is to Bing.
Margot MazurPartnership Co-ordinator, Wistia · Written
So easy, I use it many times a day for everything from a quick calculation to a search (web or computer) to a definition of a word.

Organize and hide menu bar items on your Mac

Andreas KlingerTech at Product Hunt 💃 · Written
Must have app if you like your whole screen as clean as possible
Without this, my menu bar would be just a big, big mess. Can't imagine my life without it now.
Nicole HennigIndependent UX educator, digital nomad · Written
I love this app... there were so many little icons in my top bar -- now just the ones I use frequently are showing, with the rest tucked away for easy access.
Magnet for Mac

Keep your workspace organized

I used to use Spectacle (also good/free) but opted for Magnet (great/not free) because of the multitude of sizing options.
Kevin FerretProduct Manager, AgilOne · Written
I figured Magnet would just be a gadget app that I would never end up using... yet, before I knew it, I couldn't work without it anymore. Every time I use it, people go like "woah, how do you do that ? I need this so bad". It's a super simple tool to organize/split your screen between open windows by dragging windows to a side/corner of the screen. It automatically resizes the windows to fill only a certain portion of the screen (like what Windows 7 had) so you can see multiple windows at once. Incredibly helpful, and I cannot work anymore without either this or a 2nd screen ! Note : it seems similar to -but simpler than- Divvy that has been recommended as well. It's also waaaay cheaper (currently $0.99 on the app store, and normally around $4 if I remember correctly).
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Oras Al-KubaisiSoftware engineer, Startups passionate · Written
it makes working with multiple windows much easier and faster

Keep your Mac from going to sleep

Andrew Dominic CirincioneUX Designer / Digital Strategist @ WMG · Written
Great for presentations!
Harpal SinghUX Director, intu · Written
I've seen countless times when people are presenting at desk or to a room full of people or when thinking with their hands-off computer, and then suddenly rushing to move the mouse to avoid monitor going to sleep. This is the smallest secret weapon to avoid many such embarrassing moments. Recommended this to so many colleagues and friends over years. It's amazing utility.
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Syed Irfaq R. ⚡️3Founder & CEO, Lukonet · Written
This app is tiny but very very helpful when you're working, or you want to keep some task running! It keeps your Mac from going to sleep. Doesn't take much space and it's a small cup sitting on your taskbar. You just click on the cup icon, and it turns from empty to full cup ☕️ which means, it's pumping caffeine to your Mac :D

Analytics on your daily habits and productivity

Edward WoodcockFull-stack Developer - ECAW · Written
I use this implicitly a lot. It's usefulness has multiplied since it became an integration for Gyroscope (which is another recommendation in this list).
Nathan Muellerstudent, memes, coder, reader · Written
honestly i love this. I tend to mostly just use the built in version of a lot of utilities but this is like a must have. It's the easiest way to track how you spend your time on the computer and the fact that it integrates with gyroscope is also amazing BIG PLUS ONE
I use this every single day. I love seeing the reports of what sites I've been browsing and my productivity score. I like using after 9-5 workday as well just to see what I do with my free time.
Elegant and focused interface, markdown support, available on macOS and iOS, decent pricing and sustainable business model -> the best note taking app!
Simple, elegant, well-designed. Exactly the right set of features - markdown, formatting, sync with mobile apps - at a great price. Best note taking app I've ever used - and I've used a lot of them!
Great app for storing notes, managing tasks. And with a little of work it can be Wiki like.

A personal website powered by your life

Jack Dweck15Product Manager at Unroll.Me · Written
A beautiful little app that tracks your health and let's you compete with friends
Vincent GhyssensGrowth @ Proxyclick · Written
Definitely loved Gyroscope ever since it was launched. The Pro version adds a few nice features (custom goals is my favorite) and they're launching new ones all the time. It also helps me be more mindful of my time and occupations. All in all, really great stuff!
MarkFrontend Developer · Written
Knowing all the intricate details of my days has helped me make adjustments for the better. Definitely recommend going all in with Gyroscope and tracking everything for yourself.

Automate things you do every day on your iPhone/iPad

Lachlan Campbell4Code, apps, design, high school. · Written
I have dozens of Workflows for automating things on my iOS devices. Downloading YouTube videos, logging HealthKit samples, analyzing HealthKit data, bridging incompatible apps, and generally speeding up annoying processes.
Joe MinockAthleteProgress.com / Rails & JS Dev · Written
This app is a timesaver beyond the wildest expectations. I've used it to automate workflows on my phone that would have otherwise cost me hundreds of hours of work.
One of the best apps I've installed on my iPhone - amazing productivity! From simple,one-click workflows (e.g., post articles to a specific Slack team and channel) to Calendar entry with Fantastical - Workflow saves me countless minutes and hours each day and week!

Move and resize windows with ease on Mac.

Never drag a window again to keep your workspace organized! Spectacle enables you to move windows around the screen and across screens right from the keyboard, and it's free!
MarcFreelance Fullstack Engineer · Written
+1 , and also bc it's free!
JasonSVP at Unwin-Dunraven Liteary Ecclesia · Written
Free and essential keyboard shortcut-based window manager.
Dark Sky

Weather app that predicts when it will rain or snow

Cindy AuCommunity Strategist and Startup Advisor · Written
This app is amazing for knowing exactly how long a downpour is going to last and when it's safe to make a run for the train.
Paul WilliamsCreative problem solver. · Written
I love love love this weather app. It is slick and I love getting alerts "rain starting in 10 minutes" or "snow stopping soon" - let's you know exactly what's going on. It also features a graph that shows you for how long and how intense the (rain, snow) may be.
The details are amazing!
Chris Messina6🏆 PH Community Member of the Year! · Written
I've used Skitch for year's, and even though Evernote blew it, I still use it daily to screenshot, annotate, and share visual information.
Sahar VahidiUser Interaction Director for Brands · Written
I use this every day. Can't live without it.
Paul WilliamsCreative problem solver. · Written
Although, I admit I never upgraded past 1.0.12 because I preferred the controls of the old version when it first upgraded (need to check it out again)
Alex K.Founder at Snov.io · Written
Alex K. made this product
Snovio gives you a chrome extension that sits in you browser and gives you emails (sometimes along with names) for a domain/URL you visit. And on top of that it provides you with: Email Verifier to validate emails in your own list; Backlinks tracker just like LinkAssistant but free with email notifications (coming this week); Boolean strings builder (HR people use this a lot).
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Stacy AlissaClients relationships manager · Written
Very useful when it comes to finding the right emails of company's decision makers! Thank u:)
A cool product. This service does find the correct email address
Mail to Self

An iOS extension to mail notes to yourself from any app

FᴀʀʜᴀᴅProduct & UX, Memorado · Written
You open this app once to configure it, then all you use is it's extension. One tap and whatever you were looking at is in your inbox, ready for you to get back to when you're ready.
ZenUnwiredTechnophile / Know-it-all. · Written
Here's how I use this: I'm looking for something on Safari on my iPhone....then I decide its easier to continue on my laptop (at a later time). One click - mail to self. Done. Love it.
A great way to send things from the Action Sheet on iOS. Perfectly executed.
Atlas Recall

A searchable photographic memory for your digital life

Jay NicholsSr. Technical Account Manager, Zendrive · Written
Atlas Recall is by far the MOST underrated application I've found! Recall is something I just cannot live without! It literally is a central digital repository for everything I interact with all day, everyday. The history is stored in the cloud and everything is accessible from my Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Forget searching on my device, it has nothing on Atlas Recall! Absolutely amazing!
Paul WilliamsCreative problem solver. · Written
Recall is - as the site puts it - "a photographic memory for your digital life." This free app works in the background and gives you a searchable index of everything you do on your Mac. It makes your digital history automatically searchable with no additional logins. Using the Recall app, on iOS, and browser (Chrome and Safari). It is an awesome visual way to see what you've done (online, in your all your apps). For sensitive/private sites, folders or documents you can tell Recall to pause automatically. It is a terrific visual index of your activity and quickly helps you recall what you've done. It works great for finding that site you visited, or that document you worked on but can't remember. Also, serves as an excellent starting point to Google Docs and other Cloud-based files. Once you try it, you won't know how you've worked without it. This is an app I wish was a part of the operating system!
Amazing App!!! Really, its awesome!!! The comments below say for themselves!!! Don't believe? Just Install and see how easy your life gonna be!!!
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Simple Mac window management

Nathan BashawCo-founder and CEO of Hardbound · Written
Anytime someone sees me use this, they freak out and ask me how I did that.
Invaluable time-saver when working with multiple windows on a desktop.
Butler for Trello

Wilco de Kreij3CEO UpViral & Connectio · Written
Trello on Steroids. Nuff said :)
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SmokieSmokie Does Stuff · Written
This adds the kind of bot automation you love in Slack, but in Trello. Why Trello hasn't snatched this guy up is beyond me!
Can not be beat. Love Butler!
Viral Loops for Startups

Virality for startups made easy 💪

Vassilis StathopoulosGrowth & Content Marketer at GrowthRocks · Written
Running a Growth Hacking agency, Viral Loops has allowed us to leverage the power of referral marketing and easily deploy successful user acquisition campaigns that have a tendency to go viral.

The easiest way to share files

Wilco de Kreij3CEO UpViral & Connectio · Written
Great way to easily share screenshots & videos with teams and customers.
This is a daily tool for quickly sharing and annotating screenshots.
porterbayneCofounder/CEO, Antenna · Written
We make screencasts to demo our product for potential clients. This is easy to use and offers branded URLs to make it simple and sales-appropriate.