What do you use to manage your bookmarks?

There is a lot of extensions / apps available, and I wonder which one is the best.
Johan Le BrayFull Stack Developer, Shopmium · Asked 

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Raindrop.io 4.0

All in one bookmark manager become even better

Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
I use this, Its good this to manage bookmarks.
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Vladislav KorobovCOO of Live Typing · Written
I would pay them money if the payment form would be easier :)
Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
Pocket is also good for bookmarking and saving for future reference.
Ilya AzovtsevHelp sales team close more in less time · Written
Swaroop SCEO , PI Digi Logical Solutions · Written
I use https://getpocket.com/ and it is really good !

Social bookmarking for introverts

Luca HammerBlogger, Ambassadorbase · Written
It has all the important and none of annoying things.
TonMac'aholic · Written
Like Luca says. It's perfection in its simplicity and execution. No fancy stuff. Nothing else comes close really.
Not really a managing extension or app but definitely my completely self managed go to solution for bookmarking and "read later". It has everything I need for bookmarking and content discovery. Let me know if you need an invite.

Organize your browser tabs

Shea LignitzWriter & Web Designer · Written
Save your sessions in a click, organize all the pages you want to save into lists and organize those lists with labels. You can even add notes. I've been using this for months and love it.
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Email This

Send ad-free articles & web pages to your email inbox

BharaniCo-Founder, Resumonk · Written
Bharani made this product
EmailThis is tiny browser bookmarklet that helps you save articles and web pages to your email inbox. You can use it as a simpler alternative to bookmarking tools like Pocket.
I love this product. We are currently using this app @taskyls for bookmarking and integral knowledge sharing
Andreas Wagnerlooking for..........😎 · Written
Simple, nearly perfect...

Organized bookmarking with Notes, Labels and read later

Showvhick Nath made this product
Basket allows you to bookmark more effectively. It has some features which are most essential like keeping a note along with the link you are saving, saving items categorically. Also it allows to quick mark items like "To check", "To share". Also comes with offline features, read-later, customized reading and it's completely free. totally personal and no-ad app.
Have been using speed-dial 2 for over 5 years now. It recently got updated as well. 👌
Vijay GeorgeDeveloping for a more sustainable world · Written
Has a beautiful interface and simple curation abilities.
ReNoManage research links synced with notes · Written
ReNo enables you to combine a link with your remarks in a so called NOTE. A great feature is the EDIT-MODE where you can see the website to the right while you can write your remarks on the left. NOTES can be nested and structured so that you have different projects and folders.

Create moodboards to organize your content.

SovremeniusDeveloper, Kontentapps.com · Written
Sovremenius made this product
Our small product to organize bookmarks, notes, images. Mac only.