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What CMS do you use for a data-based project that relies on APIs and feeds?

What CMS are people importing into? (If you're using one). There are plugins for everything, from WordPress to Drupal to whatever (I'm a fan of ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS, and others). I'm wondering if there's a CMS that's focused on data, and has a great import process built-in, whether it's RSS, JSON, etc. Trying to find some new options that'd allow me to import from a variety of sources, then compare/update the data necessary. Why do it in a CMS? To edit it all human-like afterwards, and to save some build time. I'm aware most projects like these are probably best to build yourself from a technical perspective, but as I do more of them, I feel like I'm missing something out there (or maybe I just hope I am...).
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    A lightweight CMS for Jekyll and Hugo sites

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    I know you asked for a database-backed CMS, but I thought I would share Forestry.io here incase you could ditch the database (a static CMS that works with Jekyll and Hugo). One of the biggest advantages of Forestry.io is that it works with GitHub. So your non-technical editors can edit a post and when they hit save, all changes will be committed to your repo. Alos, if your devs push changes to that repo, Forestry will pull them too. Bridges the gap between devs and non-devs.
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    The API-driven CMS: Manage content once, publish it anywhere

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    Contentful comes to mind
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    See everything you and your friends buy

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    Gist is a CMS for data applications. It comes with a number of templates for catalogs, maps, and data visualizations, but it can also be used to create custom data applications.